Sunday, April 7, 2013

B's lose, 2-1

Last night the B's could not overcome a few goofy bounces/deflections in Montreal and lost, 2-1
  • First off, my vote for 7th player award is Daniel Paille.  Every other player has been as advertised in this shortened season, but Paille has been playing above his typical level, jumping from 4th to 1st linen on occasion.  Easily the fastest guy on the team, still unable to finish about 80% of the time, yet I feel he's the one deserving of the award.  The masses will probably opt for Dougie Hamilton (probably next year's winner), but I'm telling you, Paille deserves it this year.
  • The Pandolfo era has to end, and may end soon with the return of Chris Kelly in a few days.  He's just too slow out there, he is calcified.
  • Has Peverley lost it, or just bad luck/bad linemates?  Him & Kells were stuck with the Chris Bourque Experience for the first 15-18 games of the season and it's really put both of them far behind where they should be.  Heard in the stands the other day, calling him "Neverley" as in, never gonna score.  See, I'm convinced that half the team is just waiting around for the playoffs before they really start playing.  So we're seeing average play from Ference, Seidenberg, Peverley, Lootch, Horton, Kelly for now, but I really hope they wake up in the playoffs.
  • That John Scott fight Thornton lost a few months ago seems to have really affected his game.  I suspect he's come to realize that maybe it's just not worth it anymore...more selective in his opponents, not banging anymore.
  • Anyone else notice about 10% more jam to Krejci's game the past few weeks?  Did someone steal his lunch from the fridge during morning skate?
  • Yep, you notice a huge dropoff in hockey acumen and overall writing skills between what is generally posted here and our twitter account.  I don't run the twitter account, that's why the Vf311 tweets are a helluva lot better than the posts here on this blog.
  • It's gonna take a little bit of time to adjust to Jagr being on the ice for the Bruins. I just remember him torching us when he was with the Penguins in the early 90s.  Who else from the early 90s Penguins can we get to help with our Cup run?  First Recchi, now Jagr...
  • Lootch's counter-hit on Emelin's run at him was just classic.
  • Seriously, this Bruins team hasn't even peaked yet, and that's the best hope I have for the playoffs.

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