Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

MA hates the Pens

Milbury. Laviolette. Tortorella. What do they have in common? All Massachusetts boys who had to suffer thru - either by personal experience (Milbury) or by being a spectator - the destruction of Cam Neely's career via the arrogant, dirty ways ("Professor of Goonism") of the Penguins organization. So it's no surprise that these 3 guys have recently called out the Pens regarding Crosby et al. whining and cheap-shotting and all that noise. They were raised on the 70s and 80s Bruins - teams that hung 7 goals on you, then beat you up. That is the blueprint (with Neely as the culmination of this design) from which hockey should be played.

If we play Ottawa, I hope they show replays over and over of Neely's spin-o-rama goal from back when Ottawa was a first-year expansion team. Just to stick it to them. "We owned you then, and we own you now".