Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

MA hates the Pens

Milbury. Laviolette. Tortorella. What do they have in common? All Massachusetts boys who had to suffer thru - either by personal experience (Milbury) or by being a spectator - the destruction of Cam Neely's career via the arrogant, dirty ways ("Professor of Goonism") of the Penguins organization. So it's no surprise that these 3 guys have recently called out the Pens regarding Crosby et al. whining and cheap-shotting and all that noise. They were raised on the 70s and 80s Bruins - teams that hung 7 goals on you, then beat you up. That is the blueprint (with Neely as the culmination of this design) from which hockey should be played.

If we play Ottawa, I hope they show replays over and over of Neely's spin-o-rama goal from back when Ottawa was a first-year expansion team. Just to stick it to them. "We owned you then, and we own you now".

Saturday, March 31, 2012

B's win, 6-3

  • The injuries to Seidenjesus and Quaider pretty much ensure that we're going to have to endure a few more games of Corvo. Corvo was in today, and even if he makes mistakes that everyone else would make, or if the puck just happens to bounce badly while he's on the ice, I blame him. Because I can.
  • Row 9 pedo was shown in the stands during the Islander game. He was incognito. He was carting around his sign like it's Linus' blanket. Actually, Jack Edwards made a Linus/blanket reference during the game with one of Turco's saves. It didn't make sense.
  • Chris Kelly should win the 7th player award. Seguin will probably win it because of the teen girls stuffing the ballot box, the high-pitched screams/shrieks as he thanks his girlfriend, but it should really go to Kelly. Anchoring the 3rd line, putting up 20 goals, not sucking - c'mon, folks. Chris Kelly for 7th player. You know I'm right.
  • Watching Soupy fight is tough. He usually just spins his opponent around, it's like they're going to drill right into the ice. Maybe it's a tactic, to get them dizzy.
  • Went to the DCU center to see BC beat UMD, 4-0 last weekend. Amazing how BC fans can't find the time to drive 45 minutes and watch their team play in the frozen four. The place was empty. That's weak.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Bruins have won 2 straight.
  • Disney's released a movie about former Bruins #31 John Carter.
  • Blogger's interface is retarded.
  • Which was more impressive - Pominville's bomb of a shot, just pure snipe, over TT's shoulder from about 20 feet, or Boychuk's bomb of a shot from behind the faceoff circle on a screened Enroth? Note that Buffalo's got no 'spect, sending their #2 goalie in there to face the Bruins, his first start in a long time.
  • Did I imagine it, or did you see the Bruins go knee-on-knee a few times out there? I thought I saw 3 incidents where the B's stuck out a leg after they were beat or faked out.
  • Renewed my season tickets yesterday. I finally answered a call from a hyperactive "Jess" (Jessica Denny). I'm on the rent-a-center 10 month payment plan. Used to be, like, $75/month back when the B's sucked (The Age of Isbister). Now it's nearly double that. Plus, I get a signed stick "of my choice" in a few weeks. Probably end up with Joe Corvo, in which case I will burn it, videotape it, youtube that bitch up, it goes viral, and I profit from my rage. Thing is, will I get a wooden Victoriaville stick with one lazy strip of Renfrew on it, or a Reebok A.i.9 all taped up nice and ready for me to destroy?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Bruins have lost 2 straight.
  • Bruins coaching & management continue to punish us by having Corvo start instead of Mottau. I don't know what is up with this. Can't do worse, now, can you? But still, we are subject to the Corvo-osity every night.
  • We picked up Turco, pending waivers and all that noise. I thought he was on the NHL Network?
  • Wait. Why aren't they starting Mottau?
  • Wow, Lane McDermid taking on Mike Rupp on his 1st shift. That takes some brass balls there. Rupp's no weenie, the dude's 6'-5" and probably 400 lbs. And McDermid fared pretty good in the fight, hung on, got some punches in. I wasn't expecting that. But Lootch's beatdown of Prust was fun. I'm not sure if I hate the Rangers or just completely indifferent. I look at a team/franchise that is comprised of perennial chokers. I just think they'll choke again just like every other year (except '94).
  • Y'know, there's a reason Mark Mowers is in last place on the NESN game pool there. It's cuz he sucks. But really now, who is his agent to get him this cushy gig at NESN to be the whipping boy? We in 311 used to think he was Dave Lewis' cabana boy. Now it's clear - he is Chiarelli's pool boy.
  • Bruins play the Toronto Mighty Ducks tonight. Actually, puck drops in about 5 minutes. Prediction? 5-2 Bruins loss.

Friday, March 2, 2012

B's win; Bring in Mottau

B's eke one out vs. the Devils last night, win in OT, 4-3.
  • The end of the Corvo era is nigh, kids. Last night, he got the 2nd assist on the Parise goal. I think he was a -2 and Cload let him sit on the bench for awhile. Time to bring in the local boy. Mottau didn't look completely retahded the other day, I say let him get quality minutes vs. the Isles and see how bad it goes. Then never look back. There is a reason that Corvo's been traded about 40 times in the past 2 years. For your consideration: When Corvo's TOI is > 23 minutes, the Bruins are 0-2. When his TOI is > 22 minutes, the Bruins are 3-5. NOW, if his TOI is limited to 16 minutes or less, we are faring much better: The Bruins are 9-3. As a matter of fact, if we can keep Corvo limited to a TOI of 18 minutes or less, the Bruins are 18-5. Dunno about you, but I like them odds - I'm thinking if we can keep his TOI around 0 minutes or less, we'll be undefeated for the rest of the year.
  • Rolston still looks a step behind, but now he's playing the role of Old Guy on the Bergy/Marchand line, previously inhabited by Recchi. Now that he actually has something to play for, playing for a team that might actually do something. This is your last shot, Rolston, better make the best of it.

Monday, February 27, 2012

B's Trades

Today the B's made some trades.
  • Brian Rolston, #12 makes his way back to Boston. I don't know why we didn't try to claim him off waivers, but anyway. I remember Rolston for his penalty-killing skillz and his slapshot. He's 39 now. His walker will come in handy during line brawls, he'll throw it at the players. Trade Deadline Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Recchis
  • Mike Mottau, local boy, BC or BU hero to the 5 people in this state who give a shit about that stuff. He's in his early/mid-30's and I don't know why we got him (depth). I would have preferred a different local guy for a d-man, say, y'know, Keith Yandle, or something. Also, this trade had me hoping that Corvo was gone, but when TSN finally posted it and that we traded Vinny Riendeau, I was crestfallen. Trade Deadline Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Recchis
  • Greg Zanon, a stout d-man from the Wild. Originally drafted by Ottawa (hmmm...). 5-11, blocks more shots than (joke). Looks like this year's answer to Bruins great Allen Pedersen. Can't have enough thick, experienced, stay-at-home d-men during the playoffs; basically Seidenberg-lite. Trade Deadline Rating: 3 out of 5 Recchis

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drafter's Remorse

I can't let this go. Here is a list of some of the players selected in the 2007 draft AFTER Zach Hamill (8th pick overall). I remember when he was drafted, they compared his game to Joe Sakic's. Wow.

Logan Couture, Brandon Sutter, Lars Eller, Kevin Shattenkirk, Max Pacioretty, David Perron, P.K. Subban, T.J. Galiardi, Wayne Simmonds, Jamie Benn. That's right, Jamie fuckin' Benn in the friggin 5th round. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. I'm just saying.

Trade Corvo & Hamill

The Bruins were victimized by crummy officiating and their own lack of finish, losing to the Penguins, 2-1 today.
  • the Zach/Dorothy Hamill experiment needs to come to an end soon. Past two games he's tried to show a little more jam in his game, but he's plays a small game and is not heavy on the puck. He's like Krejci, minus everything.
  • the Joe Corvo experiment needs to come to an end now. He needs to be euthanized. He's useless at the point, so useless that we're using Pevs at the point, and that's apparently an upgrade from Corv-blow. Sure, he scored today, but that was all Marchand getting into MAF's way.
  • speaking of Marc-Andre Fleury - what's up with this guy? Everyone thinks he's hot shit, and the only reason he's good is because he plays for the Penguins. How many games has he stolen for them? Probably zero. Ever hear that thing from 24/7 when he tries to talk shit to the players? No one sounds tough speaking french or with a french accent. It's like Phil Jackson. Is he really that good a coach, or just happened to coach 2 of the best players to play in the NBA (Kobe & Jordan).
  • Bruins are now 1-2-0 since Thomas-gate.
  • oh, okay, Deryk Engelland elbows Krejci high, gets no call while Krejci is on one knee trying to collect his bearings, but Peverley gets called for a "slash" on Malkin 8 seconds later.
  • Ben-wa Balls Pouliot has been returning to his former self, probably because of the Horton injury - plus he has to skate with Hamill, which would bring down even Gretzky's game.
  • a fair amount of Penguins fans in the crowd - hard to spot them because of similar colors, but they all had their frontrunner jerseys on (Crosby), plus some of them defiantly wearing the Pittsburgh Steelers garb, too.
  • Ironic that the B's played the Whale on Wednesday - February 2 - not many Whaler fans in the building that game, most saw their shadow in the morning and then ran back into their basements - 6 more weeks of winter.