Saturday, February 4, 2012

Trade Corvo & Hamill

The Bruins were victimized by crummy officiating and their own lack of finish, losing to the Penguins, 2-1 today.
  • the Zach/Dorothy Hamill experiment needs to come to an end soon. Past two games he's tried to show a little more jam in his game, but he's plays a small game and is not heavy on the puck. He's like Krejci, minus everything.
  • the Joe Corvo experiment needs to come to an end now. He needs to be euthanized. He's useless at the point, so useless that we're using Pevs at the point, and that's apparently an upgrade from Corv-blow. Sure, he scored today, but that was all Marchand getting into MAF's way.
  • speaking of Marc-Andre Fleury - what's up with this guy? Everyone thinks he's hot shit, and the only reason he's good is because he plays for the Penguins. How many games has he stolen for them? Probably zero. Ever hear that thing from 24/7 when he tries to talk shit to the players? No one sounds tough speaking french or with a french accent. It's like Phil Jackson. Is he really that good a coach, or just happened to coach 2 of the best players to play in the NBA (Kobe & Jordan).
  • Bruins are now 1-2-0 since Thomas-gate.
  • oh, okay, Deryk Engelland elbows Krejci high, gets no call while Krejci is on one knee trying to collect his bearings, but Peverley gets called for a "slash" on Malkin 8 seconds later.
  • Ben-wa Balls Pouliot has been returning to his former self, probably because of the Horton injury - plus he has to skate with Hamill, which would bring down even Gretzky's game.
  • a fair amount of Penguins fans in the crowd - hard to spot them because of similar colors, but they all had their frontrunner jerseys on (Crosby), plus some of them defiantly wearing the Pittsburgh Steelers garb, too.
  • Ironic that the B's played the Whale on Wednesday - February 2 - not many Whaler fans in the building that game, most saw their shadow in the morning and then ran back into their basements - 6 more weeks of winter.

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