Sunday, December 4, 2011

Corvo-based Rage

B's have lost 2 straight, with, as the Globe reported, suckbag Joe Corvo being on the ice for the last 3 goals let up.
  • Weird to see Joe Corvo drop 'em vs. Joey Crabb. Crabb hid behind his visor and Corvo wanted nothing to do with the fight. Corvo only fights chicks anyway. Or chicks with dicks, depending on whose story you believe.
  • The B's need more of that scary puck possession game like they played against Toronto, holding it into the zone for 2 minutes while the Marlies tried to figure out what's going on.
  • The Joe Corvo Suck Express has left the station, get on board with it - Fluto & Friends have been shitting on him, as they should have. Remember, 311 knew Corvo sucked right away.
  • Speaking of sucky, underperforming defensemen, Kaberle was traded to the Habs, which makes it more appropriate for us to boo him with impunity.
  • Paille was knocked out by Krys Barch with a weird check the other night. Soup & Thornton both tossed their mitts and Thornton ended up doing the dirty work. Boychuk had to take his medicine vs. Jack Skille and pretty much won that fight. Boyfuck wears a visor though...Paille is concussed and Caron will play vs. the Blue Jackets.
  • I heard "Shakedown Street" on the organ during intermission last week, what is up with that? That album cover mesmerized me for hours as a kid.
  • Fan of the game - have I complained about this yet? where some parent thrusts their month-old toddler in front of the camera so it can win a free pizza that it can't even yet? My guess is the Ice Chicks got one of them weedwacker blenders like you see at Buffett shows, puree the pizza, and spoon-force-feed the kid. So anyone wanting a free Pizzeria Uno pizza, bring your toddler kid to the game, have it do something innocent & kidlike, crowd goes "awwww" and boom, free pizza.
  • Nothing to report here with Seguingate, everyone thinks the dude is out carousing but c'mon, the plane landed at 2AM in the 'Peg, it was apparently 5 deg F out there, maybe he got shnockered in the hotel room but I don't think a gal was involved.

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