Friday, October 30, 2009

Fruits of the Devil

"Yankees Suck" chants, underage drinking, numerous almost-fights - Yep, musta been student night at the TD Banknorth Fleet Bank of Boston Baybank Garden Center. The Bruins turned in probably their best home effort since they slapped the 'Canes around a few weeks back, only to lose in the final minute-and-a-half. The Jersey goals were typical Jersey - opportunistic, garbage-type goals. Pucks breaking thru Thomas and Zubrus cleaning up with a crease shot. Jersey, showing no respect, put Yann Danis in net. The B's passes, for the most part, were pretty crisp and the team showed more cohesion than usual. Bergeron was set up nicely by Paella, he had 24 square feet of yawning, gaping net to shoot at, and he hooked it wide left. Remember, this is why Patrice no longer works the point. That experiment died in the Dave Lewis era/error when Patrice missed about 40 one-timers from the left circle/point on the PP.
random crap:
  • "Green Man" located a few seats to our left. Thankfully, the jumbotron people were merciful and did not show him.
  • The contributor known as "Minnesota" should be back online within a few days, his new computer power supply just arrived.
  • Latest issue of the Improper Bostonian has cheesecake pics of some Bruins in it. Quoth my sister, "they even made Sturm look good."
  • Marchand still looking a little bit lost out there. Minnesota chalks it up to a lack of confidence.
  • Most 311'ers got their Winter Classic tickets over the past few days. The process leading up to their purchase was somewhat odd - some folks hearing lots of information, and some didn't get any correspondence at all.
  • Tried to tune into the post-game on the Sportshub, and some caller whined about about the price spent on season tickets, and then the "uninspiring" performance by the B's last night. That's pretty much when I flip the channel - when they open up the phone lines. Dave Goucher pretty much told the guy, "that's not how we saw the game." He may have said other things, but I went to another station.
  • Mini-one-on-one wunderkind Oliver Wahlstrom attempted his breakaway lacrosse moves last night during intermission. He shot it wide. Minnesota noted that the kid "got some puck skills there".
  • Classic Lyndon Byers quote here. Scrub to 0:37. What is it about former pugilists going into broadcast media? Just this clip shows Beers, Milbury, LB; Matthew Barnaby does stuff for ESPN, Rob Ray's been on tv, P.J. Stock is on HNIC...and there's probably more.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today's Hilarious ebay Item of the Day...

Can it get any better than a 1971 IHOP Bruins Placemat?

So back in 71, someone was eating at IHOP, decided to take home the placemat and sell it 38 years later...

The quote is great... "tho it does show some wear."

Couldn't quite keep the syrup off the mat. Not to mention remember when you could smoke at IHOP? You couldn't breathe in that place. If you look closely Marcotte may have a cigarette burn on his face. Or that could be a sideburn.

PS- I may bid on this.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Morris Off Our Shit List...for now

Derek Morris ("Dmo") was quickly becoming the new Mark Mowers of Section 311. Seemingly all passes to Chara were not crisp and his decision-making was poor. $3.3M, folks. I was convinced that his poor play was the reason the Bruins power play was powerless. Yet as of last night, with 2 assists in the final two minutes of the game to bring it to a tie, he has - at least temporarily - stopped sucking.

Cleaning out my basement yesterday, I came across my sister's old Wes Walz jersey. Back in the early 90's, she was a huge B's fan and her favorite player was Wes Walz. She left the Bruins religion when Joe Thornton was traded.

The Mayor very recently partook in a Confederate Flag Hockey Game in Austin, TX. Here is the view from his seat. Observed The Mayor, "There is nothing to do around here but drink cheap beer."

Saturday, October 24, 2009


WOW. WOW. WOW. WOW. The only other game I remember seeing scoring 2 goals with the goalie pulled in the last 2 minutes was the improbable BU win on the way to the National Championship last year.

WHAT A WIN! Can you believe it? First off, as I wrote earlier this week, I'll take Recchi forever. What a tip! And Krej scoring shortly after. Heart attack central. Great game by Thomas. Patrice gets a little revenge with the Shootout goal (what a squibber) after the miss the other night.

I said if you told me we'd get 5 points out of the last three games I'd be more than happy. We got 5 points. This B's team showed a hell of a lot of heart tonight.

More to come later. But what a freaking win.


Friday, October 23, 2009

P-Bruins Scouting Report (A couple weeks late)

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to view the Baby B's take on the Hartford Wolfpack. Here's a short scouting report on the boys.

If you haven't taken yourself to an AHL game yet in your life, please for the love of god make the short drive to Providence. It is a move you will not regret. For $26.50 I sat in seats comparable to those of the Mayor in Dallas, 13 rows from the ice on the aisle at the end the B's shoot twice. The give aways are unbelievable. During a commercial break (I think it's televised on COX cable only available in RI) they gave away maybe 25 things. You enter a slip in a raffle box and they give away gift cards, food, and all kinds of stuff for the kids. They are not messing around in RI.

The hockey itself is a bit sloppy. Obviously not at it's highest level of play, the game however doesn't suffer from a viewing standpoint and these kids make it up with their feisty style of play. There were 4 legitimate fights and 2-3 skirmishes that were broken up. My favorite occured just as Kirk MacDonald netted a tally for the B's to go up 3-1, as he turned towards the right face off circle on one foot and fist pumping, a Baby Ranger bumped into him. MacDonald immediately dropped his gloves and pounded the kid to holy hell. A play I knew would make the Mayor salivate on sight. There were also a lot of Hail Mary dumps, in which the puck is just lofted as high as possible to try and break it out. Not very effective but interesting to watch. It's like anticipating a punt return in the XFL, you just know someone is about to get lit up.

As for the Baby B's themselves. Vladimir Sobotka (yes I know now is a regular B) plays like he is 10 foot tall and bulletproof. It's the same game he plays in the bigs, but much more entertaining to watch at the AHL level because he looks like the reincarnation of Cam Neely, but 5 inches shorter and 50 pounds lighter. Brad Marchand (again regular B now) plays tough and his game is really respectable. Mark Recchi like, always in front of the net, killer wrister and very quick. Mikko Lehtonen netted a pair that night and I'm surprised he wasn't called up again. That boy has got some serious skill and I think we'll see him very very soon, maybe for good. Trent Whitfield is the Baby B's Captain and he's like a Steve Begin. The player you hate to play against but love to have on your team. Very pesky and kind of dirty. Probably won't stay long up in the bigs but nicely rewarded for the hard work he puts in down in RI. Danny Sabourin played solid in net stopping 34 of 37, he was a decent pick up in the off-season if things really get hairy in Boston.

A very good night, B's win 5-3. Though I was very disappointed with the fighting. Well not so much the fighting itself, which happened with regularity and there were some decent bouts. What I had a problem with is that one of Hartford's Assistant Captains skated the whole night and didn't even come close to dropping the mittens. And if you have the name Byers emblazoned on the aft of your sweater, you better come with plans of doing so. Lyndon's little cousin Dane is apparently not the second coming. I'll just have to go down the next time their in town to see if he takes off the skirt.

That is all. Let's go the Bruins.

and for that matter......

Let's go the P-Bruins as well

Today's Hilarious ebay Item...

2 for 1 Friday!

As I write this, both can be yours for 38 Cents!

As usual, too much for Hal Gill...

Ryder shoots! POST!

Son of a gun.

A couple points to consider here.

First off- Time Warner Cable in Austin does not have the NHL Network. I have Center Ice, and they didn't show the game, because of NHL Net. So I had to watch some stream that looked as though some teenager stuck into an R rated movie to tape it on his Camcorder.


My prediction ALMOST came true on Paella's sweet wrap around in the third. But alas he couldn't stuff it home.

Recchi can play hockey for us until he's 70 as far as I'm concerned. The tip in is a thing of beauty, and the screen on the goal was great. I'll take him on my team any day of the week. However, watching him skate around without a helmet during warmups can be a bit scary. The shine off his bald melon could blind someone.

What the hell else happened? I still hate the shootout. Bergeron lost the puck, although he may have had Emery beat. Who knows. D-Mo can play hockey. He is certainly a player we were missing in the past.

Last but not least- If you told me going into Wednesdays game that we could get out of this 3 game trip with 5 points I would have been excited. Well we have 3. A win in Ottawaaaaaaahh Saturday night could make that happen.

Let's Go Bruins!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flyers/Bruins Preview....

Sorry couldn't resist.

Click here.

And look for a Paella goal tonight. I'm calling it now.

Let's Go Bruins!

Today's Hilarious Ebay Item...


Brought to you from his moms basement...


The Providence, I mean Boston Bruins stepped up big last night. Led by the new 311 savior, Danny "Paella" Paille, B's won a HUGE one 3-2. (nod to Edwards).

Obviously "Paella" Paille was skating on a line with Lord Byron Bitz to make this happen. I mean all it takes is two minutes of hockey skating with Bitz to elevate your game.

Editorial Note- I only caught the 3rd period, so hopefully one of my 311 comrades can fill in the blanks.

Those #20 sweaters are going to be flying off the shelves...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Hilarious EBay Item...

Shippings not the only thing that should be free...

Savard on IR...

That's it, I"m officially pressing the panic button.

3 games starting tonight in 4 days.

Playing in Philly and Ottawa is never easy, and who knows how they will play tonight.

According to "The Hat" Paella is going to save us. I knew that was a Spanish dish.

Let's Go Whatever Bruins We Have Left...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

B's get Paille

Who? Yeah, the B's gave up a 2011 3rd round pick, a bag of pucks, and a wad of pocket lint for the Sabres' Daniel Paille. I received a text from The Mayor about the trade, he asked me what I thought - I responded "eh". This trade isn't worth raising your blood pressure over. Then I thought about it for a second, and wondered if that was someone that Andrew Ference had fought a few years ago. No, that was Jochen Hecht. Not a good fight, really. So to cleanse your palate, here's P.J. Stock and Stephen Peat.

Thanks for the hard work, Chuck. "The shortest distance between two points is Chuck Kobasew.", according to Sir Jack Edwards.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phoenix=Slap Shot Syndrome....

The team is on the verge of bankruptcy, the crowds are slim, the team is threatening to move.

So what do the Coyotes do? Win of course. I was impressed by Phoenix's game last night. They skated hard, took only 2 power play shots, both for goals, and beat the B's 4-1.

I wish Vegas had a line on whether Scottie Upshall was going to score a goal last night. If so, I would have bet everything I owned on it. God he kills the B's.

Good Points- Lefevrere (spelling?) Anyway. I thought the kid played hard. Not a liability out on the ice. I saw his stats from the baby B's. 1 point and 25 PIM. My type of guy.
Boychuck dropping the gloves I love. Also, the last 2 games I felt like he's made some good plays keeping the puck in the offensive zone. I like it.

Bad Points- Lucic broken finger misses game. Looks like we won't see Lootch throwing haymakers anytime soon.

Couple of days off before the random Wednesday night home game against Nashville (Confederate Flag Hockey is back), then two more road games in Philly and Ottawa, always two tough places to play.

Let's Go Bruins. Underachieving so far. Time to get it back.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mayor does Dallas...


So much to report.

Great work by "The Hat" to show the pre-game pictures.

Here's a brief synopsis of an AWESOME night.

I was poised to leave Austin at 2pm (it's a 3.5 drive), but all my co-workers told me to leave at noon. Why? Red River Shootout is tomorrow (well today now) in Dallas. If you are reading this from anywhere above the Mason-Dixon line, and don't know what the Red River shootout is, don't feel bad. It's Texas vs. Oklahoma. HUGE Rivalry. The whole ride up from Austin to Dallas all you saw was Trucks/Suvs with Texas Longhorns flags. Crazy. Anyway, after a great cigar in the car I arrived in Dallas at about 350pm.

I get to the arena, which is pristine, it really is gorgeous, outside and in. I get to the outside, am trying to figure out where to park. I end up in an arena lot, RIGHT across the street from the arena. $15. I'll take it. So I start walking out of the lot looking for a bar. After my trip to see Joe Thornton and the Sharks vs. the Stars last Christmas break, I knew that bars around American Airlines are limited. No Sully's, No Penalty Box, No 4's..NOTHING. Anyway, I start walking about of the lot spot a dude wearing a B's jersey. Great kid, families originally from just west of Boston, moved to Austin when he was 12. So both of us idiots drove solo from Austin. Anyway, we search out the nearest watering hole. So we end up at a place called Victory Tavern (or something). $5 Bud bottles, ($4 at Sully's, and they are 16 oz.) anyway. It's an uppity place, saw some folks eating "truffle fries". WHAT? Anyway it was nearby and we were thirsty. Not to many hockey fans at the bar, as they were all Texas/OU fans for the game. So after I paid $77 for a ticket 11 rows from the ice, I make friends with the guy from ESPN Radio Austin who is broadcasting live from the bar. He has a stack of 50 free tickets. Yup. Paid $77 (lucky # at least), but got offered a free ticket. Anyway, chatted him up about the new local AHL team here, and he promised some free tickets in the future. Good stuff. So it gets better. I spot a woman wearing a Steve Ott jersey. I almost throw up. Where does she sit? Right next to me. I chat her up. Originally from New York (Westchester) Stars season ticket holder, the whole 9. I have to say the majority of folks I met who were Stars fans have some sort of Northeast connection. Shocking. However, kudos to Dallas and the Stars because youth and high school hockey is growing in Texas. Anyway....6pm, head over to pick up tickets and go in.

So the dude I meet walking out of the lot who I shared some suds with. Guess where he's sitting? A row in front of me. Awesome. Watch warmups, place was pretty much empty. Once again, a gorgeous arena. Although I've heard the Stars are on the verge of bankruptcy.....I settle in with a 24 ounce beer. I said that right, 24 ounce, and I bought a "jalepeno sausage sandwich" for 7 bucks. Beats the hell out of anything at the Garden. Had cole slaw on top. Not bad. Normally I don't eat at games, but since I was driving the 3.5 hours back I had to. I forgot to mention earlier. I saw more cops pulling people over on the way up here, literally saw 15 pullovers, worse than the Cape on 4th of July weekend...HORRIBLE. And all the cops wear cowboy hats. Did I mention I hate Texas???

Anyway, games about to start, 2 more guys in B's jerseys sit in front of me. HILARIOUS, Great dudes. One was originally from the north shore, the other from St. Louis, HUGE Blues fan, but came with his Bruins buddy. Both in Texas now. Shooting the bologna, making fun of Dallas it was great. So the kid I met in the parking lot from the second the Stars take the ice starts the "RIBEIRO SUCKS" (Ott wasn't playing, had to get after someone) So he keeps this going during the first. An old lady 3 rows in front comes up and says. "Can you please stop the harsh language, I have kids here." For saying SUCKS. So everyone around us starts in on it for the rest of the game. Great sayings like "Hey Ribeiro you are mediocre". During the 2nd a Stars official worker actually came to talk to the kid for "foul language complaints". I actually said out loud, I heard worse from my father sitting out the couch watching the B's.

All shenanigans aside-Great game. B's win 3-0, led by the 2 Savvy goals. Timmy zoned in and looked great. I was extremely impressed by Johnny Boychuck, he made a few rookie errors, but he's going to be a player. I was stunned by how big he is. I like this Looch-Wheeler line. That line could really do things. I think it's a step in the right direction.

Would have loved to see Alex Auld tonight. How soon we forget he helped us get in the playoffs two years ago.

Also-that fourth line is getting some serious ice time. Grind grind grind. But they deserve it. Best fourth line in hockey (in my non biased position).

The best laugh I got of the night was yelling. HEY TURCO, YOU'RE KILLING MY FANTASY TEAM.

Hope this rant was somewhat amusing...


Friday, October 16, 2009


Steve Ott's not playing tonight, so the Mayor is now directing his rage onto his gastrointestinal tract by consuming the steakbomb shown above.

View from Row 11

"Great Seat"

Mayor Reports in from Dallas

"The Anti-Sully's"

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ok, Tomorrow night I will be sitting in the American Airlines Center watching the Dallas Stars play our Boston Bruins. Since the move to Austin, I haven't been able to see the B's live this season.

I was polling the crew on whether I should sit in the cheap seats (where I"ve always been) or actually get a single loge seat. I've never not sat in the balcony. Could be interesting. Also, I am going solo and driving 3.5 hours to get to the game. Go Bruins.

So if you visit there is an OTT-toberfest commercial. Are you f'in kidding me? Ott is the dirtiest player in the league. Look back at last years B's/Stars game. Remember Edwards calling him out? He is an embarrassment to the great game of hockey, and tomorrow you bet your ass I will be telling him that.

Go Bruins.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Psst! shoot high, glove side to beat Rask

Bruins drop another game, 4-3 to the Coloradio Nordilanche. I may have to stop calling them that, as Quebec City might get an NHL team soon. The powerless play and penalty kill (which actually giveth life to the opponent) are HORRIBLE. Ference made an ill-advised decision to step up near a scrum at the boards while shorthanded, thinking that 3 guys fighting for the puck at the bench was not enough. So Colorado scores a shorthanded goal on that mistake. The team still looks "off" with missed passes, bad decisions, and huge-ass rebounds given up by Rask. Looch hasn't felt like hitting anyone since he signed his multi-million dollar deal, though he did somewhat wake up in the third period. Good news is that the 2nd & 3rd lines scored goals (Kraytch with 2 assists), Michael Ryder is shaking the cobwebs out, and Wheels scored while driving hard to the net. As Minnesota pointed out - the Bruins lost 6 games in regulation during the regular season at home last year. We've already lost 3.
random crap:
  • 2 apparent season ticket newbies in 311 who sit in Row 10 have left early for 3 of these games. Normally, this is where the Mayor would step in and leatherlung them into staying.
  • I think one reason why the B's have sucked in the first 5 games is that we've not started this season on the road. In years past, the B's have been sent out west to play hockey, bond, buy each other meals, play golf, stuff like that. This year did not have that phase, so they're still not gellin'.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kessel, Phil Kessel, What?

The Bruins got lucky. Close to dropping yet another turd, the Bruins managed to string together about 8 minutes of something resembling hockey on Saturday night and beat the Islanders 4-3 in a shootout. Most of the game was pretty bad. Several penalties in the first period (Wheels high-sticked some sap, got a double-minor; Ference hauling off on some guy who cheap-shotted Savard. Aside - Here is my favorite Ference moment: Open-ice hit on Martin Erat, then pounds the shit out of Scot Nichol) sucked any momentum out of them for most of the game. The team hung around, though. Savard tucked in a goal, then Bitz singlehandedly lifted the whole team up with a backhand score, and finally Hunwick floated a weakass wrister than Roloson missed. The shootout went pretty well. I think most teams are hip to Patrice going five-hole on the goalies. He changed it up, dinged his opportunity off the post. Wheels put about 43 moves on Rollie before tucking it in five-hole. Then I saw Savard skate out and I verbally expressed my displeasure with the choice. Savard is, what, 2 for 13 in shootouts? The guy's got 1 move: forehand wrist shot. well, 2 moves - sometimes it's a slapshot from 15 feet away. So I groaned as he skated wide, then he faked Rollie right out of his skates and tossed in a sweet backhander. Bruins steal one from the young, energetic, slightly stupid Islanders. I now believe that all of Savard's shitty shootout attempts were all leading up to this point, some sort of hockey sniper rope-a-dope so he could steal a few games for us this year. It was later revealed to the media that Savvy & Cload met in Cload's office - Cload wanted Savvy to work on his shit in the shootouts, ostensibly to replace the now-departed Kessel.
Random crap:
  • Hey, that John Tavares can shoot - I bet he went high in the draft.
  • On a Sox note - Ya know, I'm pretty sick 'n tired of telecasts that show Sox fans clasping their hands together in some sort of "I hope we win, I'm sucha huge fan" pose. jeez. the Sox have lost a lot of games, they'll lose more, cut the shit. You have one of the most successful, richest franchises in sports - stop acting like that if they lose, you're going to hurl yourself from the Pru posthaste. And Sox fans have not cornered the market on dedication, fandom, etc. Get over yourselves. Imagine being an Orioles about perennial suckage.
  • "Sheriff" Shane Hnidy got an assist for the Minnesota Wild Saturday night.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tonight's the Night...

Although I hate to see the B's lose and have to come back with an angry effort, I love those angry efforts.

Look what happened after the loss to the Caps and then the Canes game.

Tonight, after a hard skate in practice, the B's need to show us they belong among the top teams in the NHL.

The victim-The New York Islanders.

Over under on fights is 2.5.  I'm taking the over. 

Bruins need to be, and should be angry. And not just 4th line angry and playing the whole game. I'm talking skating to the net, Bergeron scoring 2 goals angry.

Let's Go Bruins!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Tale of 2 teams...

Coach Julien always likes to talk about 60 minute hockey.

Well, what we saw last night was a fantastic example of 20 minute hockey.

Great first period for the B's. All is well on Causeway, and then BAM.

Two stupid penalties. Why was the crowd chanting "Bullshit"? The Sturm penalty was clearly a hook. Is the new Garden crowd this stupid?

And we are down 2-1., and it gets worse and worse...Final 6-1 Mighty Ducks.

Good points- The 4th line I swear played more than anyone else. That Begin, Bitz, Thornton line is going to be something. Great job by Bitz drawing that penalty.

How sweet was that Perry goal on the drag? Wow.

Horrible- Why didn't anyone challenge Parros in the 2nd when the B's were lifeless? Very un-Bruins like. Surprised Thornton didn't try to get something started.

Also Horrible- The Red Sox. Wake up and swing the damn bats.

Lunchpails Lost

Why were the 2008-09 Bruins so successful? Because they had 20 guys who brought their lunchpails every night. Apparently, the top 3 lines think they can just show up and be successful. The Finnish Flash scores two power-play goals and everyone but the Band of Bitzes decided to quit. I love our 4th line, but they're not supposed to be the best line on the team like they were last night.

Timmy Thomas also didn't bring his best game to the table. We'll see Tuukka on Saturday. If we lose that game, I will officially hit the panic button.

Penalty killing. Mark Recchi was out there on the PK. I don't like that and this has been a weakness so far this year. PJ and Yeller anyone? This first three games is making me wish they brought PJ back. I feel like he was one of the catalysts for the lunchpail attitude that made this team successful. My speculation is some of these guys are getting a little too full of themselves and buying into the hype.

Krejci's line was invisible last night. I'm chalking that up to Krejci still getting his timing back after missing camp, Ryder a slow starter, and I've never liked Wheels, but that's just a personal vendetta that has no place in this

On a positive note, we had a mayor wannabe visit in Row 10. He provided some mild entertainment for a little while.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Got Looch?

The latest Bruins news from Causeway Street is that Milan Lucic has signed a 3-year contract extension worth a total of $12.25M.
I'm somewhat ambivalent, not because I think Looch doesn't deserve the money, but rather because I sense that this means that the Bruins will have a hard time keeping Marc Savard. I think other capologists would agree. I'd start to quote numbers, but and have not updated their respective roster matrices. But generally speaking (going off of Minnesota's analysis), the Bruins have about $15M to play with in the off-season to get 5 forwards, 3 d-men and Tuukka. I see Marchand & Hamill staying up with the parent club next year, as well as at least Boychuk. Maybe their relative cheapness will help shoehorn in some deal for Savvy.
But gee whiz, when Looch hits the ice, you can't help but grin whenever he delivers a punishing hit, knocks in a cheap goal at the crease, or changes the play due to opponents' fear of getting crunched in the corners. From a marketing standpoint, the guy is probably worth more than the money that is coming to him. Cam Neely has Looch as the centerpiece in re-making the Bruins in his own image.
Recurring themes in my grumblings to folks who sit in 311, just random crap:
  • Does it feel weird to hear a National Anthem performed by anyone OTHER than Rene Rancourt? No offense to the others who have performed the song (notoriously difficult to sing, and props to anyone who has the stones to attempt it in a sports arena), but it just seems "off" if it ain't Rene. The National Anthems (both American & Hoser) are not auditions for American Idol, so cut the melismata.
  • I lament the lost art of the backhanded shot. Recently, Lord Bitz had a shorthanded breakaway and Joe Corvo bit real hard on Bitz' fake, as did Cam Ward. Bitz had all sorts of net to shoot for, but couldn't roof a sexy backhander past the goalie, and ended up scuffing some dribbler on Ward. HORRIBLE.
  • NESN has been airing their bracket for most classic NESN-televised hockey game. I know I should be rooting for all of the milestone Bruins games, but in a non-Bruin-centric, pure hockey fan kind-of-way, I think that Ron Tugnutt's 70 save performance was one of the best games I ever saw on tv, and definitely the most insane goaltending performance ever. It was just pure animal.
  • All Section 311'ers have to agree with me when I say that there's something intrinsically wrong with The Mayor watching Confederate Flag hockey 2000 miles away while the Bruins and the Sox are playing on the same night, one right after the other.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

7-2 Good Guys...Cue up Brass Bonanza...

What an effort. What a game. Great win.

Game 2. However, reminds me of the Stars game last year.

Defining moment for the B's.

Savard standing up for Sturm going after Albie...That's team hockey.

How about Steve Begin???

Man, that Begin, Bitz, Thornton line is going to be a-ok.

How about Lucic rearranging Harrisons face? Or Thornton giving Albie the one over?

What a game. What a team.

What a team effort. Morris looked good, the whole team looked good.

1-1. 80 games left.

Let's go Bruins!

Hey Walker...You Suck!


Bruins vs. Whalers.

The return of Scott *%!#* Walker...I can't even get it together to write how much I despise him.

Wardo is back though. He'll definitely get a big hand...

B's need to step up tonight. Obviously only the 2nd game of the season, but need to play 60 minute hockey.

I'm sure Julien will have them amped up, and if they can't get up for Carolina after last year, they just don't have a pulse.

Scott Walker. You Suck.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ghost of Dave Lewis

Surely, you have encountered various ARRA ("stimulus") work being performed on the Commonwealth's roads during the night. If you're like me, and you live 25-30 miles outside the city, normally you can get home from a Bruins game generally by 10:15pm if you do not dawdle getting out of the game. This was not the case last night, as I encountered no less than 3 ARRA projects on my 90 minute commute home from the game. Entirely frustrating was this drive, as it provided the proverbial icing on the cake after the Bruins dropped a turd last night for their home opener, losing 4-1 to Alex Ovechkin and the Caps.
The intro and the game started out well enough: A new opening video featuring that bear that's been showing up in recent commercials; a montage tying together the grit & scoring of this year's crew with the beloved Bruins of old; player introductions (Mark Stuart was remembered this year) with arguably Tim Thomas getting the loudest of cheers. The game started fast with the Bruins owning the game for the first ten minutes. Caps goalie Jose Theodore barely had to make a tough save as the Bruins could not hit the net with the opportunities they had. Things got worse as the Caps withstood the initial push by the Bruins and began to shove back. B's have too many men on the ice, power play, goal. The tide turned the Caps' way - they scored their 3rd goal at the beginning of the 3rd period. The Caps were controlling the play, and it was going to be uphill from there. Patrice Bergeron scored a pretty goal with about 7 minutes left in the game, breaking in alone and beating Theodore with about 4 moves. Shawn Thornton fought Erskine who didn't look too thrilled about being sucked into a fight. Mostly a draw...Thornton pulled the jersey over Erskine's head and stopped whaling on him after that. The Bruins started off with 10 shots in the 1st period, then 7 shots in the 2nd period, and then 3 shots in the 3rd period. That's pretty much the game right there. Lots of missed passes, bad communication, poor coverage, bad aim. Claude promised a better performance against the Whalers on Saturday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


5 and a half hours until the puck drops.

I couldn't be more excited.

Oh and guess who has Lucic in the 311 Fantasy Hockey League, yup..this guy.

And Byron Bitz went in the first round (not a joke). Probably the only league in America where Bitz goes where he deserves.