Friday, October 23, 2009

Ryder shoots! POST!

Son of a gun.

A couple points to consider here.

First off- Time Warner Cable in Austin does not have the NHL Network. I have Center Ice, and they didn't show the game, because of NHL Net. So I had to watch some stream that looked as though some teenager stuck into an R rated movie to tape it on his Camcorder.


My prediction ALMOST came true on Paella's sweet wrap around in the third. But alas he couldn't stuff it home.

Recchi can play hockey for us until he's 70 as far as I'm concerned. The tip in is a thing of beauty, and the screen on the goal was great. I'll take him on my team any day of the week. However, watching him skate around without a helmet during warmups can be a bit scary. The shine off his bald melon could blind someone.

What the hell else happened? I still hate the shootout. Bergeron lost the puck, although he may have had Emery beat. Who knows. D-Mo can play hockey. He is certainly a player we were missing in the past.

Last but not least- If you told me going into Wednesdays game that we could get out of this 3 game trip with 5 points I would have been excited. Well we have 3. A win in Ottawaaaaaaahh Saturday night could make that happen.

Let's Go Bruins!

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