Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Psst! shoot high, glove side to beat Rask

Bruins drop another game, 4-3 to the Coloradio Nordilanche. I may have to stop calling them that, as Quebec City might get an NHL team soon. The powerless play and penalty kill (which actually giveth life to the opponent) are HORRIBLE. Ference made an ill-advised decision to step up near a scrum at the boards while shorthanded, thinking that 3 guys fighting for the puck at the bench was not enough. So Colorado scores a shorthanded goal on that mistake. The team still looks "off" with missed passes, bad decisions, and huge-ass rebounds given up by Rask. Looch hasn't felt like hitting anyone since he signed his multi-million dollar deal, though he did somewhat wake up in the third period. Good news is that the 2nd & 3rd lines scored goals (Kraytch with 2 assists), Michael Ryder is shaking the cobwebs out, and Wheels scored while driving hard to the net. As Minnesota pointed out - the Bruins lost 6 games in regulation during the regular season at home last year. We've already lost 3.
random crap:
  • 2 apparent season ticket newbies in 311 who sit in Row 10 have left early for 3 of these games. Normally, this is where the Mayor would step in and leatherlung them into staying.
  • I think one reason why the B's have sucked in the first 5 games is that we've not started this season on the road. In years past, the B's have been sent out west to play hockey, bond, buy each other meals, play golf, stuff like that. This year did not have that phase, so they're still not gellin'.

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