Sunday, October 18, 2009

Phoenix=Slap Shot Syndrome....

The team is on the verge of bankruptcy, the crowds are slim, the team is threatening to move.

So what do the Coyotes do? Win of course. I was impressed by Phoenix's game last night. They skated hard, took only 2 power play shots, both for goals, and beat the B's 4-1.

I wish Vegas had a line on whether Scottie Upshall was going to score a goal last night. If so, I would have bet everything I owned on it. God he kills the B's.

Good Points- Lefevrere (spelling?) Anyway. I thought the kid played hard. Not a liability out on the ice. I saw his stats from the baby B's. 1 point and 25 PIM. My type of guy.
Boychuck dropping the gloves I love. Also, the last 2 games I felt like he's made some good plays keeping the puck in the offensive zone. I like it.

Bad Points- Lucic broken finger misses game. Looks like we won't see Lootch throwing haymakers anytime soon.

Couple of days off before the random Wednesday night home game against Nashville (Confederate Flag Hockey is back), then two more road games in Philly and Ottawa, always two tough places to play.

Let's Go Bruins. Underachieving so far. Time to get it back.

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