Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Mayor does Dallas...


So much to report.

Great work by "The Hat" to show the pre-game pictures.

Here's a brief synopsis of an AWESOME night.

I was poised to leave Austin at 2pm (it's a 3.5 drive), but all my co-workers told me to leave at noon. Why? Red River Shootout is tomorrow (well today now) in Dallas. If you are reading this from anywhere above the Mason-Dixon line, and don't know what the Red River shootout is, don't feel bad. It's Texas vs. Oklahoma. HUGE Rivalry. The whole ride up from Austin to Dallas all you saw was Trucks/Suvs with Texas Longhorns flags. Crazy. Anyway, after a great cigar in the car I arrived in Dallas at about 350pm.

I get to the arena, which is pristine, it really is gorgeous, outside and in. I get to the outside, am trying to figure out where to park. I end up in an arena lot, RIGHT across the street from the arena. $15. I'll take it. So I start walking out of the lot looking for a bar. After my trip to see Joe Thornton and the Sharks vs. the Stars last Christmas break, I knew that bars around American Airlines are limited. No Sully's, No Penalty Box, No 4's..NOTHING. Anyway, I start walking about of the lot spot a dude wearing a B's jersey. Great kid, families originally from just west of Boston, moved to Austin when he was 12. So both of us idiots drove solo from Austin. Anyway, we search out the nearest watering hole. So we end up at a place called Victory Tavern (or something). $5 Bud bottles, ($4 at Sully's, and they are 16 oz.) anyway. It's an uppity place, saw some folks eating "truffle fries". WHAT? Anyway it was nearby and we were thirsty. Not to many hockey fans at the bar, as they were all Texas/OU fans for the game. So after I paid $77 for a ticket 11 rows from the ice, I make friends with the guy from ESPN Radio Austin who is broadcasting live from the bar. He has a stack of 50 free tickets. Yup. Paid $77 (lucky # at least), but got offered a free ticket. Anyway, chatted him up about the new local AHL team here, and he promised some free tickets in the future. Good stuff. So it gets better. I spot a woman wearing a Steve Ott jersey. I almost throw up. Where does she sit? Right next to me. I chat her up. Originally from New York (Westchester) Stars season ticket holder, the whole 9. I have to say the majority of folks I met who were Stars fans have some sort of Northeast connection. Shocking. However, kudos to Dallas and the Stars because youth and high school hockey is growing in Texas. Anyway....6pm, head over to pick up tickets and go in.

So the dude I meet walking out of the lot who I shared some suds with. Guess where he's sitting? A row in front of me. Awesome. Watch warmups, place was pretty much empty. Once again, a gorgeous arena. Although I've heard the Stars are on the verge of bankruptcy.....I settle in with a 24 ounce beer. I said that right, 24 ounce, and I bought a "jalepeno sausage sandwich" for 7 bucks. Beats the hell out of anything at the Garden. Had cole slaw on top. Not bad. Normally I don't eat at games, but since I was driving the 3.5 hours back I had to. I forgot to mention earlier. I saw more cops pulling people over on the way up here, literally saw 15 pullovers, worse than the Cape on 4th of July weekend...HORRIBLE. And all the cops wear cowboy hats. Did I mention I hate Texas???

Anyway, games about to start, 2 more guys in B's jerseys sit in front of me. HILARIOUS, Great dudes. One was originally from the north shore, the other from St. Louis, HUGE Blues fan, but came with his Bruins buddy. Both in Texas now. Shooting the bologna, making fun of Dallas it was great. So the kid I met in the parking lot from the second the Stars take the ice starts the "RIBEIRO SUCKS" (Ott wasn't playing, had to get after someone) So he keeps this going during the first. An old lady 3 rows in front comes up and says. "Can you please stop the harsh language, I have kids here." For saying SUCKS. So everyone around us starts in on it for the rest of the game. Great sayings like "Hey Ribeiro you are mediocre". During the 2nd a Stars official worker actually came to talk to the kid for "foul language complaints". I actually said out loud, I heard worse from my father sitting out the couch watching the B's.

All shenanigans aside-Great game. B's win 3-0, led by the 2 Savvy goals. Timmy zoned in and looked great. I was extremely impressed by Johnny Boychuck, he made a few rookie errors, but he's going to be a player. I was stunned by how big he is. I like this Looch-Wheeler line. That line could really do things. I think it's a step in the right direction.

Would have loved to see Alex Auld tonight. How soon we forget he helped us get in the playoffs two years ago.

Also-that fourth line is getting some serious ice time. Grind grind grind. But they deserve it. Best fourth line in hockey (in my non biased position).

The best laugh I got of the night was yelling. HEY TURCO, YOU'RE KILLING MY FANTASY TEAM.

Hope this rant was somewhat amusing...



  1. Looked at the stats from the game this morning, guess who had a -2 rating, and was in the penalty box for the other goal, that's right, my buddy Mike Ribeiro.

  2. Hahaha. What a clown. Man does he SUCK.

  3. Hey now, children could be reading this, you need to watch your language when you're surfing the internet, it's a family activity.