Friday, October 9, 2009

Lunchpails Lost

Why were the 2008-09 Bruins so successful? Because they had 20 guys who brought their lunchpails every night. Apparently, the top 3 lines think they can just show up and be successful. The Finnish Flash scores two power-play goals and everyone but the Band of Bitzes decided to quit. I love our 4th line, but they're not supposed to be the best line on the team like they were last night.

Timmy Thomas also didn't bring his best game to the table. We'll see Tuukka on Saturday. If we lose that game, I will officially hit the panic button.

Penalty killing. Mark Recchi was out there on the PK. I don't like that and this has been a weakness so far this year. PJ and Yeller anyone? This first three games is making me wish they brought PJ back. I feel like he was one of the catalysts for the lunchpail attitude that made this team successful. My speculation is some of these guys are getting a little too full of themselves and buying into the hype.

Krejci's line was invisible last night. I'm chalking that up to Krejci still getting his timing back after missing camp, Ryder a slow starter, and I've never liked Wheels, but that's just a personal vendetta that has no place in this

On a positive note, we had a mayor wannabe visit in Row 10. He provided some mild entertainment for a little while.

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