Friday, October 9, 2009

A Tale of 2 teams...

Coach Julien always likes to talk about 60 minute hockey.

Well, what we saw last night was a fantastic example of 20 minute hockey.

Great first period for the B's. All is well on Causeway, and then BAM.

Two stupid penalties. Why was the crowd chanting "Bullshit"? The Sturm penalty was clearly a hook. Is the new Garden crowd this stupid?

And we are down 2-1., and it gets worse and worse...Final 6-1 Mighty Ducks.

Good points- The 4th line I swear played more than anyone else. That Begin, Bitz, Thornton line is going to be something. Great job by Bitz drawing that penalty.

How sweet was that Perry goal on the drag? Wow.

Horrible- Why didn't anyone challenge Parros in the 2nd when the B's were lifeless? Very un-Bruins like. Surprised Thornton didn't try to get something started.

Also Horrible- The Red Sox. Wake up and swing the damn bats.

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