Friday, October 30, 2009

Fruits of the Devil

"Yankees Suck" chants, underage drinking, numerous almost-fights - Yep, musta been student night at the TD Banknorth Fleet Bank of Boston Baybank Garden Center. The Bruins turned in probably their best home effort since they slapped the 'Canes around a few weeks back, only to lose in the final minute-and-a-half. The Jersey goals were typical Jersey - opportunistic, garbage-type goals. Pucks breaking thru Thomas and Zubrus cleaning up with a crease shot. Jersey, showing no respect, put Yann Danis in net. The B's passes, for the most part, were pretty crisp and the team showed more cohesion than usual. Bergeron was set up nicely by Paella, he had 24 square feet of yawning, gaping net to shoot at, and he hooked it wide left. Remember, this is why Patrice no longer works the point. That experiment died in the Dave Lewis era/error when Patrice missed about 40 one-timers from the left circle/point on the PP.
random crap:
  • "Green Man" located a few seats to our left. Thankfully, the jumbotron people were merciful and did not show him.
  • The contributor known as "Minnesota" should be back online within a few days, his new computer power supply just arrived.
  • Latest issue of the Improper Bostonian has cheesecake pics of some Bruins in it. Quoth my sister, "they even made Sturm look good."
  • Marchand still looking a little bit lost out there. Minnesota chalks it up to a lack of confidence.
  • Most 311'ers got their Winter Classic tickets over the past few days. The process leading up to their purchase was somewhat odd - some folks hearing lots of information, and some didn't get any correspondence at all.
  • Tried to tune into the post-game on the Sportshub, and some caller whined about about the price spent on season tickets, and then the "uninspiring" performance by the B's last night. That's pretty much when I flip the channel - when they open up the phone lines. Dave Goucher pretty much told the guy, "that's not how we saw the game." He may have said other things, but I went to another station.
  • Mini-one-on-one wunderkind Oliver Wahlstrom attempted his breakaway lacrosse moves last night during intermission. He shot it wide. Minnesota noted that the kid "got some puck skills there".
  • Classic Lyndon Byers quote here. Scrub to 0:37. What is it about former pugilists going into broadcast media? Just this clip shows Beers, Milbury, LB; Matthew Barnaby does stuff for ESPN, Rob Ray's been on tv, P.J. Stock is on HNIC...and there's probably more.

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