Friday, October 2, 2009

Ghost of Dave Lewis

Surely, you have encountered various ARRA ("stimulus") work being performed on the Commonwealth's roads during the night. If you're like me, and you live 25-30 miles outside the city, normally you can get home from a Bruins game generally by 10:15pm if you do not dawdle getting out of the game. This was not the case last night, as I encountered no less than 3 ARRA projects on my 90 minute commute home from the game. Entirely frustrating was this drive, as it provided the proverbial icing on the cake after the Bruins dropped a turd last night for their home opener, losing 4-1 to Alex Ovechkin and the Caps.
The intro and the game started out well enough: A new opening video featuring that bear that's been showing up in recent commercials; a montage tying together the grit & scoring of this year's crew with the beloved Bruins of old; player introductions (Mark Stuart was remembered this year) with arguably Tim Thomas getting the loudest of cheers. The game started fast with the Bruins owning the game for the first ten minutes. Caps goalie Jose Theodore barely had to make a tough save as the Bruins could not hit the net with the opportunities they had. Things got worse as the Caps withstood the initial push by the Bruins and began to shove back. B's have too many men on the ice, power play, goal. The tide turned the Caps' way - they scored their 3rd goal at the beginning of the 3rd period. The Caps were controlling the play, and it was going to be uphill from there. Patrice Bergeron scored a pretty goal with about 7 minutes left in the game, breaking in alone and beating Theodore with about 4 moves. Shawn Thornton fought Erskine who didn't look too thrilled about being sucked into a fight. Mostly a draw...Thornton pulled the jersey over Erskine's head and stopped whaling on him after that. The Bruins started off with 10 shots in the 1st period, then 7 shots in the 2nd period, and then 3 shots in the 3rd period. That's pretty much the game right there. Lots of missed passes, bad communication, poor coverage, bad aim. Claude promised a better performance against the Whalers on Saturday.

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