Friday, March 9, 2012


Bruins have won 2 straight.
  • Disney's released a movie about former Bruins #31 John Carter.
  • Blogger's interface is retarded.
  • Which was more impressive - Pominville's bomb of a shot, just pure snipe, over TT's shoulder from about 20 feet, or Boychuk's bomb of a shot from behind the faceoff circle on a screened Enroth? Note that Buffalo's got no 'spect, sending their #2 goalie in there to face the Bruins, his first start in a long time.
  • Did I imagine it, or did you see the Bruins go knee-on-knee a few times out there? I thought I saw 3 incidents where the B's stuck out a leg after they were beat or faked out.
  • Renewed my season tickets yesterday. I finally answered a call from a hyperactive "Jess" (Jessica Denny). I'm on the rent-a-center 10 month payment plan. Used to be, like, $75/month back when the B's sucked (The Age of Isbister). Now it's nearly double that. Plus, I get a signed stick "of my choice" in a few weeks. Probably end up with Joe Corvo, in which case I will burn it, videotape it, youtube that bitch up, it goes viral, and I profit from my rage. Thing is, will I get a wooden Victoriaville stick with one lazy strip of Renfrew on it, or a Reebok A.i.9 all taped up nice and ready for me to destroy?

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