Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Bruins have lost 2 straight.
  • Bruins coaching & management continue to punish us by having Corvo start instead of Mottau. I don't know what is up with this. Can't do worse, now, can you? But still, we are subject to the Corvo-osity every night.
  • We picked up Turco, pending waivers and all that noise. I thought he was on the NHL Network?
  • Wait. Why aren't they starting Mottau?
  • Wow, Lane McDermid taking on Mike Rupp on his 1st shift. That takes some brass balls there. Rupp's no weenie, the dude's 6'-5" and probably 400 lbs. And McDermid fared pretty good in the fight, hung on, got some punches in. I wasn't expecting that. But Lootch's beatdown of Prust was fun. I'm not sure if I hate the Rangers or just completely indifferent. I look at a team/franchise that is comprised of perennial chokers. I just think they'll choke again just like every other year (except '94).
  • Y'know, there's a reason Mark Mowers is in last place on the NESN game pool there. It's cuz he sucks. But really now, who is his agent to get him this cushy gig at NESN to be the whipping boy? We in 311 used to think he was Dave Lewis' cabana boy. Now it's clear - he is Chiarelli's pool boy.
  • Bruins play the Toronto Mighty Ducks tonight. Actually, puck drops in about 5 minutes. Prediction? 5-2 Bruins loss.

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