Saturday, March 31, 2012

B's win, 6-3

  • The injuries to Seidenjesus and Quaider pretty much ensure that we're going to have to endure a few more games of Corvo. Corvo was in today, and even if he makes mistakes that everyone else would make, or if the puck just happens to bounce badly while he's on the ice, I blame him. Because I can.
  • Row 9 pedo was shown in the stands during the Islander game. He was incognito. He was carting around his sign like it's Linus' blanket. Actually, Jack Edwards made a Linus/blanket reference during the game with one of Turco's saves. It didn't make sense.
  • Chris Kelly should win the 7th player award. Seguin will probably win it because of the teen girls stuffing the ballot box, the high-pitched screams/shrieks as he thanks his girlfriend, but it should really go to Kelly. Anchoring the 3rd line, putting up 20 goals, not sucking - c'mon, folks. Chris Kelly for 7th player. You know I'm right.
  • Watching Soupy fight is tough. He usually just spins his opponent around, it's like they're going to drill right into the ice. Maybe it's a tactic, to get them dizzy.
  • Went to the DCU center to see BC beat UMD, 4-0 last weekend. Amazing how BC fans can't find the time to drive 45 minutes and watch their team play in the frozen four. The place was empty. That's weak.

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