Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Here we see the Whaler fan (Whalerus fanus) outside its natural habitat (mom's basement) and attempting to integrate into society. When hunting W. fanus - approach them with caution, make sure your immunizations are up to date (e.g., tetanus), and make sure your bear spray is ready. The blubber of the Whaler fan is prized much like its namesake. Generally, it's belly fat and occasional muscle is cured like bacon and left in a smokehouse for months. After which, the product is sliced and served for breakfast.

The AHL affiliate of the New York Rangers, the Hartford Wolfpack, is now known as the Connecticut Whale, thanks to the efforts of some guy.


  1. That's just horrible. The Whale should be left extinct. Why do they keep trying to bring it back? Let it go already stupid Whaler people. Wolfpack was a great name.

    My buddy used to have season's for the Whale and I used to go to plenty of games. You should have seen these idiots every time the B's knocked them out of the playoffs. It was disgusting.

  2. A member of my fantasy hockey league is a Whaler fan. When he's not huffing markers or hunting vermin with an air rifle from his bedroom/basement window, he's sending us all emails about how the Whalers were the best team ever. Horrible, indeed.