Friday, December 24, 2010

Line Brawl

I've only been whining for about 2 years that the B's needed a line brawl. Yet I was not at last night's game, I gave my ticket to a 311'er who was bringing family to the game. So I had to watch it on TV. "LINE BRAWL, there it is, holy shit" as I leapt up from the couch and my face 4" from the screen as Ference was bloodied after going after Meyer who had kinda hit Lootch a little high. Horton threw some bombs on Kane, Savard clung for dear life vs. Little in a fight that should have never happened, McQuaid couldn't find a dance partner, Lootch sucka-punched Meyer, will each probably get a game.
Thornton starts the game off with a super-long fight vs. Boulton, a pretty much expected event when Boston plays Atlanta. He ended up scoring 2 goals with his parents in attendance, no less. Crowd chanting, "we want Thornton", in the post-game, Thornton was just hoping it was louder than the "we want Bitz" chant.
B's play Atlanta next week, let's see what happens. Maybe there will actually be Thrashers fans in attendance, just to see what happens.
Oh yeah, Ryder scored on typical Ryder snap-shot, Paille with 2 assists, Wheeler not looking nearly as retarded as before, Bergy re-discovers his one-on-one mojo and schooled Pavelec for a shortie.

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  1. I used to follow this blog regularly, but lately you guys don't say much of anything. Its a shame to see bruins fans that are not hard working like the rest of them. I am disappointed in your laziness!