Friday, March 11, 2011

Bruins losing, 3-2

As this post goes to press (ha), the B's are playing a sloppy game vs. the Isles. Isles are a sad-sack team but they're playing like they got nothing to why not.

To start, let's witness some of the Canadiens' greatest "hits".

Just think of any Canadien dirtbag of the past 25-30 years and do a youtube search.

Chris Chelios (whose career is a highlight reel of cheap hits) on Brian Propp:

Pacioretty boards Eaton

Lapierre on Nichol

Latendresse on DiMaio

Mon dieu! Hockey is a violent sport - was there an investigation after this? Shit, I think this is only a "part 1" of the Battle of Quebec.

Pat LaFontaine's career ended by concussions. Certainly this high hit by Guy Carbonneau didn't help.

Martinson sucker punches Byers

Who can forget that dickslap Petr Svoboda?

Brian Skrudland lays out Don Sweeney with an elbow/shoulder to the chops.

Patrice Brisebois (breeze-by) hits Darcy Tucker, Tucker's head goes right into the boards. Okay, Tucker probably had it coming...

  • Last night, as the puck went thru Seidenberg's legs at the point on the power play, a 311-er exclaimed, "dammit, Wideman-berg"
  • Bruins released the St. Patrick's Day hats. Drab, olive-green military-style baseball caps with spoked-B in front, TD Bank in bank. I sense a Ference influence here, wanting the B's fans to resemble Fidel Castro.
  • The Matt Bartkowski era needs to end.
  • So the corporations that have so far threatened to pull sponsorship of the NHL, Via Rail & Air Canada, are both based out of Montreal. OUTRAGE! We were wronged!!!
  • Yeah, B's lost to the Islanders. Horrible.
  • Seriously, Montreal is a one-team, one-sport town. Folks who got nothing to do but follow just that team. The Alouettes aren't playing, so all there is to do is to get drunk, eat some Timbits and poutine, and whine about the Canadiens and their perception of the team as hockey royalty.
  • The game on 3/24 at the Garden is gonna be huge. Homeland Security threat level color(s) will go from orange to bleu, blanc et rouge and the pat-downs we got last night before the Sabres game will be nothing in comparison. I'm actually wondering if they'll have Habs/B's legends do some sort of PSA before the game so the Boston fans don't clobber anyone during/after the game. They did a PSA when all that booing the national anthems thing was going on a few years back. The bitch of it is, is that there isn't going to be some sort of Chara vs. the Habs thing, or Chara vs. Gill (wouldn't that be humorous?), but probably someone on the Habs will take a run at a smaller Bruin forward like Krejci, knock him out, then things get really ugly.


  1. This isn't a hit, but it's a classic example of Habs being dirtbags... who could forget?

  2. I remember that like it was yesterday.
    That's just pure, classic Canadien-ism right there. Ribeiro was the Louganis of their diving team.

  3. What about Nilan butt-ending Rick Middleton and knoocking out a few chickletts? Classic Habs cheap shot(ironically from a Boston born guy in a Canadien uniform). Didn't Nilan get clipped for shop lifting a few years back? I think he did.