Saturday, April 30, 2011


Today the Patriots beat the Eagles, 7-3 at the Well Fargo Arena.
  • Well there ya go. The Krejci line wakes up. Krejci gets 2 goals, 2 assists and looked unstoppable at times, working his bullet-time magic especially on the Campbell goal.
  • Lootch looked 200% better today, was actually skating, hitting, shooting. He actually looks interested in playing now.
  • Pronger's a jerkwad, huh? As if you didn't know - Paille smokes him on an icing, and he slashes Paille. Paille goes to the box for being awesome and Pronger goes to the box for being a gap-toothed jerk.
  • Power play is, what, 0-for-25 now? or something? Does it even matter anymore?
  • Still, today was just not the Flyers' day. I don't even think I heard Hartnell's name until the 3rd period.
  • Did Pierre Maguire say that van Riemsdyk is like Cam Neely? And didja see the look Milbury gave Maguire, like, "I know Cam Neely, I coached Cam Neely; van Riemsdyk is no Cam Neely". No one ever accused Maguire of being all that smart.
  • During game 7 vs. the Habs, I saw a B's fan with a black t-shirt with the Canadiens "CH" logo turned on its side and the "H" was altered to make it look like it was crying. Who is making those? I gotta get me one of those.

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