Friday, May 20, 2011

B's Ground Lightning

I've been sitting on that headline for a few days.

  • Thursday night the B's went into lockdown mode with the return of Bergeron, shutting out the 'Ning, 2-0.
  • The Seguin Mafia was all over the airwaves on Wednesday after his 4-point, 1-period outburst on Tuesday. I can't blame them, but they were ready to put the kid into the Hall of Fame. I will admit, it was amazing stuff, but if it was followed by a disappointing performance, especially defensively, then it would be for naught. But the Seguin Show was pretty decent on Thursday night - the kid actually now seeks out not only the puck, but to hit, to engage opponents for the puck. Good stuff. Now we are rolling 4 solid, steady lines.
  • Slowly, slowly - Kaberle is getting better. I think he had a good game last night. Scott Cullen of TSN correlated the B's best defensive performance of the series with Kaberle's (lack of) ice time. I think he is forgetting about the Bergeron factor, since what he does vs. Stamkos & Friends has more impact than anything Kaberle does. But Kaberle is starting to buy into the system, learn where he is supposed to be in Julien's system, and I think it's, again, slowly coming together for him.
  • Confederate Flag Hockey leaves Atlanta and heads to Winnipeg. I don't know if the team will be called the Jets or what, I heard a rumor they were going to be called the Manitoba Moose, coulda been someone joking around. Probably so they could sell more merch - stuffed mooses and stuff. Can't exactly sell stuffed Jets to the kids. But at least hockey heads back to a place where there's actually snow and stuff. Florida Panthers/Phoenix Coyotes - you're next, probably heading to, what, I dunno, Quebec City and ? Hamilton? Hopefully those Crisco-eaters in Hartford are denied a hockey team.
  • I wonder if Mike Lundin has repeating nightmares of getting bitched by Seguin in the open ice. Also nice to see Seguin undress both Hedman and Bergeron-concusser Randy Jones.
  • Boychuk played less retahded last night, he was -3 in Game 2 I think.
  • Seriously, does Paille wake up every morning and pinch himself? Picture this, you're Daniel fuckin' Pie-yay, you got nothing - no shot, no fists, no size, just a little speed - and somehow you were a 1st round pick. Now you're a role player on a pretty good team that is 6 wins from winning it all. He should give us money just for letting him hang with us.
  • Didja see how huge Boucher's eyes got when arguing the Bergeron/Krejci hit/penalty at center ice? Creepy.

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