Friday, June 10, 2011

I hate Max Lapierre

Of all people, Maxim Lapierre...
  • The Bruins got out-played physically by the 'nucks tonight, who were emboldened by playing in front of their raucous home crowd. Luongo gets the shutout but wasn't really tested, just like the other 2 games in Vancouver. Rather, the Vancouver defense actually felt like playing again.
  • Luongo's goalie mask/helmet thing looks like he was pissed on. Like yellow snow. Watch out where the huskies go....
  • Officially sick of Emerick. Either because he's screwing up names, or looks like my mom's aunt, or not varying his language well enough, I don't know. Boston fans need the homer-ism of Jack Edwards.
  • Milbury, actually being forced (conspiracy theory) to say something nice about the Sedins actually playing well during one of the intermissions. You and I both know he hates them and the Euro game, destroying his rock 'em sock 'em hockey.
  • NBA guard Steve Nash, whose bro in law is Manny Malhotra, picked the 'nucks in 7 games. Like he'd go against his relative. Dumb question by the media.

  • Yeah, that was ex-Hab Max Lapierre, bringing some of the ghosts from the old Montreal Forum with him to Vancouver to kick sand in the Bruins face. I would rather anyone else, even Burrows, over Lapierre. HORRIBLE. Thomas didn't get a good push-off with his opposite leg there, but he actually saved the shot but rolled the wrong way due to his momentum and the puck plopped in over the goal line. That's brutal stuff, he'll see that shit in his dreams for the next few days.
  • Vancouver the city looks like a nice place. Ocean over here, mountains over there, looks like they may have it all. How close is the skiing (Banff/Whistler/Blackcomb)?

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  1. Grouse, Seymour and Cypress Mountains are roughly 20 minutes from the downtown core. Whistler/Blackcomb are roughly 2 hours.
    Banff is in Alberta, 900 odd kilometres away.