Sunday, June 5, 2011


Paul Revere reacts to Sarah Palin's comments and the Bruins' 0-2 Series hole.
  • Okay, what's there to say? I think, generally, the B's have played "okay", and only if they could bury their chances, we'd be talking a different story. Most of the 'nucks backers were thinking that every game would be 6-1 victories. Except the B's have hung around despite being outplayed for a lot of each game. I went from being optimistic saying the B's would win in 6 games; now I'm hoping to not get swept.
  • But it just sucks to see someone dominate a game like Tim Thomas only to have him hosed on some play and have Burrows (!) score on him.
  • Emerick needs to hit the thesaurus, kids. He used the word "knifed" at least 10 times last night. Also, "squibbed", "ricocheted", "careened".
  • Burrows! I told folks, "you're gonna hate him by the end of the series!" folks dismissed me. Now they know what I mean.
  • KPD today in the Globe renounced fighting. It was like...I renouncing food. He's crossed that line, he says.
  • Andrew Alberts! are you KIDDING ME???
  • Hal Gill re-signed with the Habs. I forget the terms, but who cares. He suckitude continues at the only place close to home that will actually employ him. Turncoat bastid.
  • Seguin had, what, 6 minutes of ice time last night? Paille & Campbell had something like 4 minutes each.
  • Ugh. Just win one, okay?

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