Saturday, July 2, 2011

Free Agent Frenzy

So Brad Richards hasn't been grabbed by anyone yet, but here's some non-expert comments on yesterday's signings.
  • Michael Ryder to Dallas. Yup, he of the quick release, the playoff goals, the regular season absentee-ism, our "enigmatic" forward has jetted to the Stars for $3.5M/yr. A little bit of a pay cut for Ryder, but pretty good money for showing for 25% of the games.
  • Benoit Pouliot signed by the B's. This one is a head scratcher. But he does have some sort of upside I guess, being 4th overall pick back in the Crosby draft. So he's capable, I guess it's a Claude Julien reclamation project or something.
  • Wizniewski to Columbus. They overpaid for him at $5.5M/yr, but he's about ready to make "the leap", so we'll see if the rest of the Columbus team can help him out.
  • Chuck Kobasew gone to the Avalanche
  • Marco Sturm signed by Vancouver
  • Ville Leino signed by Buffalo. Buffalo's really making a push this off-season to win it all next season. Oh man, this is going to get good.
  • Alex Auld signs with Ottawa. You pink hats may not remember Auld, but he played for the B's when things were bad - back, back in the dark ages.
  • Heater to the Wild for Havlat. Heater's going to get a chance to drive drunk now on Minnesota's icy roads. Watch out, kids.
  • Tlusty stays with Carolina. Tlusty is notable mainly because the letters in his last name can be re-arranged to spell "Slutty".
  • Brad Richards goes to the Rangers. Guess he loves money & golf! NY is where good players go to get paid well and die.
  • Marty Reasoner hooks up with who cares. Someone thinks Marty Reasoner has enough talent to warrant a contract larger than the league minimum. Marty Reasoner has negative skills. I don't get it.
  • Ruslan Fedotenko signed by the Rangers. Why. Why does this guy still play. Okay, he will always be on my shit list because I had him in fantasy hockey (got him as an afterthought in a trade) and he was HORRIBLE.
  • Hal Gill sucks.

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