Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stuff to Complain About

  • Are we going to sign Marchand, or what?
  • I had to retire my Saucony sneakers. They were black 'n yellow Jazz TR 12. I wore them all thru the end of the season and the entire playoffs. They withstood even the 2" deep pool of piss I had to stand in at Sully's during game 7. The tread handled the slick Fleetcenter concrete stairs with aplomb. And it knocked a few minutes off of my pace, too. I stepped in something weird and bright green back in round 1, but since we won round one, I refused to clean it off.
Good Soldiers
  • So I've had to spend my summer hockey downtime getting reacquainted with the Sox, and so far I've reached some pretty obvious conclusions: Scutaro sucks. Lowrie sucks. The sellout streak is a FARCE. Some idiot, with the bases loaded, just interfered with Gonzalez trying to catch a foul ball in the stands. What an IDIOT. oh yeah, CAPS.
  • So, okay, what scheduling GENIUS made it so there were no BOS/MTL that occur on a weekend? What could be more awesome than attending a violent hockey game on a Saturday night? The setting is RIPE for an international incident. This is why the NHL is a failure. Similarly, there's no road trip that involves OTT/MTL on the same weekend, either, continuing to foil my epic plans of B's/OTT/MTL and Tremblant skiing.
  • I hope Wheeler is lustily booed when the Jets hit town. The first time he goes offside, everyone should cheer wildly.
  • it's awesome how the NHL Network is replaying the Bruins' Cup run. I just watch it and say to the TV, "I know it's only Game 1, but Philly - you got no hope." And, of course, I'm right.

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