Wednesday, September 7, 2011


  • Today, a group of professional hockey players in the KHL died in a plane crash. Among the victims were sniper Pavol Demitra and former Bruin Brad McCrimmon. Probert, Boogaard, Belak, and now this. What is with this freakish NHL curse?
  • Ference had the Cup this past weekend. Of course, Ference is the commie Bruin, so it's fitting that he gets the Cup on Labor Day. Workers of the world, unite! Of course, he celebrates by paying homage to Mao by riding his bike all over town...then organized a flash mob of people wearing the same shirt to march down the street, crowding around him. Totalitarianism, anyone? All that was missing was a huge missile for the crowd to walk along, maybe a building-sized picture of Ference's profile.
  • Are we gonna sign Marchand, or what?
  • Just warming up, kids. We raise the banner in 4 weeks. We start training camp in 8 days. And hopefully, the blog posts will improve.

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