Saturday, September 24, 2011

B's win, 6-3

Bruins beat the Islanders last night, 6-3.
  • WHO in my section had the nacho cheese that smelled like feet?
  • Last night's studs: Peverley had about 4 goals and 8 assists, had a lot of spring to his step, easily skated around the whodat Islander defensemen. Good stuff. Brad Marchand had plenty of looks and was skating around everyone after awhile. After the B's went ahead, it kind of became garbage time then...the Islanders just started to look like your father's thursday midnight beer league hockey.
  • Last night's duds: Tim Thomas had some nice saves and 1 goal he had no chance on, but 3 goals on 13 shots doesn't look so hot. Lucic looked slow & lost. I really think Lootch is going to have an off-year. Like, epic awful, say 10 goals, 4th line duty, everything like that. Plus, he recently was the subject of a Margery Eagan "tsk tsk" article in the Herald the other day. Also, anyone who does the "do you know who I am" thing for real has it coming to them.
  • Some dude tried to beat up Krejci last night, Krejci turtled kind of to avoid injury, then I heard something about the guy getting 2 minutes for instigating with a visor on, which is a penalty I've not heard before.
  • WHO in my section keeps rippin' ass?
  • Matt Kalman is everywhere. If there's someone in the media who has cashed in on the B's success, it's this guy. Every day, he writes an article on each player that pops up somewhere. It's either great hustle or a little scary. Personally, I think he's obsessed, but he's getting paid, so what do I know. I half-ass this blog for free. It's less than half-ass - a fraction of half-ass. It's, like, eighth-ass.
  • People from Halifax, NS are called "Haligonians"
  • Ryan Spooner, going back to the OHL.

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  1. How about avery being called a fag and then played the victim?