Tuesday, September 27, 2011

B's beat Habs in Pre-season - YES it matters

The Bruins continued their recent domination over the Habs by clubbing them over the head, 7-3 in Halifax and then winning in Montreal, um.....3-1 was it?
Of course, didn't see either game, heard both on the radio. Well, I attempted to, fell asleep both times during the 2nd intermission. Last night, I was watching the Sox collapse live on tv with the volume down while the Sportshub played on the laptop.
Did I already complain already about the horseshit the other night with the LOGE starting the wave??? That is some extreme horseshit right there. What's next, Sweet Caroline during the 2nd commercial break of the 3rd period?
Thursday night is against zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Ottawa.

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