Monday, October 10, 2011

B's win

Opening night w/ the banner raising was pretty cool. The B's looked out of step, though.
  • Lootch still looks lost out there like he did in the playoffs. Not many shifts where he's skating with purpose. Just standing there waiting for something to happen. Horton still looks a bit out of sorts, too. Hopefully just early season cobwebs.
  • Marchand & Seguin, however, have been flying all over the ice. Seguin's skating with the confidence of someone who has had their ice time increased from say 10 minutes a game to about 18-20 minutes a game.
  • Don't look now, but Phil Kessel is leading the league in goals and points. It's still early, but enough to make you taste the bile when you check out the league leaders page on
  • Bruins made their probable final public appearance with the Cup yesterday as they took it to Gillette Stadium to pump up the crowd and the Patriots. Horton sprayed some Garden rink love on to the logo at midfield. The Mayor was there, "unreal", he texted. Patriots won...
  • Marchand performed a nice takedown of Dominic Moore. I was hoping it would come to blows, with Marchand pounding Moore's face right into the rink surface. Alas, 'twas not to be. Linesmen stepped in and prevented Marchand from tenderizing Moore's face with his fists.
  • How effin sweet was that pass from Jesus Seguin to Marchand for Marchand's 1st goal of the season. Then Marchand beat Bryzgalov with a nice backhand.
  • Lots of backhand looks vs. TB. "The backhand died with the retirement of Paul Kariya", noted one 311'er.

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