Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back in Business

Okay kids we're about 30 minutes away from the sold-out scrimmage at the Gahden.  Most of 311 won't make it, something about the game being sold out before I could even log on.  The folks, they love the free shit.  New composition interface here at blogger to write substandard posts.  Things will look better while having the same horrible content.
  • Before the hockey content, lemme just say that the following things must come to an end:
    • Anything to do with zombies
    • Anything to do with vampires
    • Anything that suggests that nerds are cool
      • People who laugh at the "jokes" on The Big Bang Theory.  If you're laughing at anything having to do with quantum anything, you're a shithead.
    • "having said that" and "that being said"
    • Gresh and Zo.  How much coke does Zo do before each show/game?  he's the real reason why Gil Santos is retiring.
    • Fred Toucher trying to talk anything about sports.  And fer chrissake, how about a caged death match between Toucher and Wallach?  It's pretty obvious they hate each other.  Ratings gold right there.
  • On with the show.  seriously, what's the deal with Tim Thomas?  He's been playing hockey all his life, apparently loves the game, then decides to take a year off in the prime of his career?  Ship him off to the Avs where he can work on his Doomsday Prepper water filtration devices.
  • Bruins aren't mailing us season ticket holders any tickets or packages that play "zombie nation" when we open the box.  We have to print out our tickets from online.  I should get a credit for that, yah?
  • So yeah, I'm getting 3% APR on my balance along with a frozen ticket price for next season (worth bucks there, esp. if they're good this year).
  • This post sucks but stay tuned for later this week where I offer my terrible predictions/projections for the season.

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