Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bruins win, 3-1 over the Rangers last night.

  • Had some static in the section last night as some waif was standing too much and started to sass us when we told her it was okay to sit down.
  • I give Chris Bourque 4 or 5 more games before he's a healthy scratch.  I'm sure he has some sort of skill, but he's a bit small.  I dunno, he's Marchand-size but I don't see him cracking the lineup every night.  He missed an empty-netter at the end.  Also, a quiet night for Hamilton, I guess that means he didn't screw up, he put a few shots on.
  • Lootch was gassed by the end of the anthem.  He had to've put on, what, 15 lbs of whale blubber during the off-season?  But Horton & Krejci looked good, timing was a half-second off for everyone, legs of concrete for at least the first period, but things just started to click by the end.
  • Back-to-back fights, a la the Stars game, Rupp vs. Thornton and Bickel vs. Soupy.  Soupy throws his punches so hard he ends up twisting himself into the rink with his own momentum.  Rupp vs. Thornton was a pretty even match despite Rupp having 3 or 4 inches on Thornton.  Thornton compensated with several jersey-jabs, two of which connected.
  • Boychuk goal on Bergy screen, don't think Lundqvist saw it.
  • Brandon Prust plays for MTL now, should be good, as MTL struggles to toughen up their team, yet they're so bad they even lost to TOR last night.  MTL is sad these days.  Not complaining here.
  • Paille had a good game last night, had a burr in his saddle or something, I dunno.  Skating with speed and purpose.  Too bad he can't finish.
  • Torts & Schoenfeld as Rangers coaches, I wonder which one shouts louder and more often?

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