Friday, February 1, 2013

B's get smoked, 7-4

The Bruins got stampeded last night by Buffalo, 7-4
  • Yeah, that "fight" between Scott & Thornton was kind of hard to watch.  Scott's got some 6 inches on Thornton,  I was a little surprised - I thought McQuaid would take him on, but Scott's such a massive goon, I think he ended up skating 7 shifts for a total of about 4 minutes.  He even had a breakaway, couldn't remember how to shoot it and Rask made the save.
  • Vanek just owns us.  What makes me rage against Vanek is that he is Blake Wheeler's favorite player.  Wheels models his game after Vanek, apparently.  So the rage I feel for Wheels gets transferred to Vanek.
  • The great Zach Hamill was just traded from the Caps to the Panthers for a jar of salsa and some stale chips
  • I think my guess that Chris Bourque wouldn't last more than 5 games nearly came true.  I'm not anti-Chris Bourque, I just think he was a bad fit for that line, no chemistry there.  He's too small for 4th line duty.  The fans would love him to succeed, which makes watching him not do well make you wince a bit when he's out of position or coughs up the puck or whiffs on an empty-netter.
  • Wouldn't it be something though if Chara got his rage on during the Feb 10th game vs. Buffalo and turned Scott's face into a dish of lo mein?
  • What about Lindy Ruff there, calling time out with 13 seconds left.  What a dick move.
  • Instead of showing goofy people dancing to songs on the jumbotron, how about showing the above video of Sabres coach Lindy Ruff getting bitched by Bruins president Cam Neely?

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