Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Final Cost of the Winter Classic

Yes, I know that ticket prices will be in the $50-$300 range for the actual game. I'm more worried about what our renewal price will be for 2010-2011. Currently, we have what I think is the best deal in the Garden: $800 give or take a few bucks gets you a seat to all 41 games on the end the Bruins shoot twice. You're in the building without breaking the bank. What has me worried is what ownership is doing with the winter classic. From what I've heard, new season ticket holders after the WC was announced were paying much higher rates for their season tickets. Also, this privileged pre-sale we were given access to yesterday? It was absurd. All I wanted were a pair of balcony seats to a couple of random games when I know friends and family would be in town. I go online for this presale and in most cases could not even get balcony seats (Loge seats were all that was available and they cost $300 each after fees) and when I did finally find some balcony seats available they cost $140!!!! I'm not paying that - that is above stubhub prices from last season to the big regular season games.

My overriding point here is, I think we're in trouble when it comes time to renew our season tickets for 2010-11. That will be the real cost of the winter classic. It better not get rained out. Ownership may milk the attention they get for all its worth. I'm all for paying a little more if they are putting a better product on the ice, but i can't stomach too much more and I'm sure a lot of season ticket holders are in the same boat.

By the way - I was born and raised in Minnesota (hence the nickname) and am a lifelong Vikings fan. Brett Favre is a disgrace. That's all I'm going to say...

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