Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thanks 54...

My favorite football player growing up was Tedy Bruschi. I was fortunate. My dad first bought season tickets in 1982 for twelve bucks a pop, and still has them. His favorite player was John Hannah. He always had his eyes on him, no matter where he was (though most likely he was driving a defensive linemen to the ground). He brought me to Foxboro every home game Sunday growing up, the old stadium, and the new. He taught me everything there was about the New England Patriots (dismal history at that time). But one thing he didn't have to teach me was who my favorite player was going to be. My favorite player was and will always be Tedy Bruschi. I'll never forget all those games at Foxboro, before he was even a starter, with my eyes fixed on #54 running down the field on special teams. He always gave it all he had, and he was and will always be a true Patriot. \I will always remember the chills that ran down my spine watching him take the field for the first time after his stroke. We will all miss watching you on Sunday's Tedy. Thanks for the memories, and thank you for always giving it your all. New England will never forget.


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