Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NHL.com's 30 in 30...The B's....(and J-Boy)

Interesting take on the hometown team...


What especially interested me (besides the Deke, Deke, Deke, controversy (thats Kessel for you non 311 folks) is the look at the prospects...

Especially-Johnny Boychuck aka J-Boy.

Great point in the article about J-Boy languishing in the Av's system for 5 years. Guess #77 wasn't around to show him how to play hockey.

All reports out of Providence is that Boychuck can hit and score some points. The big question is can this translate into the NHL? 

I remember the hype about a certain Providence point scorer named Pelletier. He came up to the big club and did jack.

However, I also remember some sentimental favorites named Reich, Sobotka, and Hunwick who can change a game. (Yes I said Sobotka, that crazy bastard would throw himself at anybody in a heartbeat).

Either way, a couple more months til New Years. And I don't mean the Classic, I mean opening night for the B's.

This is going to be a hell of a season, and we're lucky to have such a strong team.

And for you Phil...Good Riddance. The only thing that has proven to put a fire in your a$$ is being benched (see the MTL series 2 years ago). I know you are young. But come on.

Go B's...

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