Thursday, February 10, 2011

The NHL is Decadent and Depraved

So, yeah, the B's played the Habs last night, beat them down pretty good, winnings 8-6 and earning some 90 something minutes in penalties in the process. A lot happened last night, so I'm sure I'm forgetting nearly everything.
  • So folks like Lapierre, Kostopoulos, etc. have been replaced by Subban and Pacioretty. Pacioretty is from CT. That explains a lot.
  • Came home, put "Bruins in 2" on DVR just to hear Jack Edwards have an aneurysm on the air when the fights started. I watched it this morning and boy, one fight that definitely didn't look like much from where I was sitting but was positively ruthless was Campbell's beatdown of Tom Pyatt. Pyatt absorbed what I counted 14 consecutive lefts courtesy of Campbell's wee fist. KPD was nutz (okay, everyone's been creaming over last night's performance. Michael Felger was just drooling all over Mazz today.) about Campbell's "frenetic, raw fury not seen since the days of O'Reilly".
  • A caller on one of those shows drew up this comparison and I thought it was fitting:

  • Pierre LeBrun whined/tweeted that Boychuk & Thornton lost respect for going after Spacek & Hamrlik, but really folks when the line brawl happens, ya grab the nearest guy and starting whaling on him. And Pyatt threw the first punch on Campbell and Campbell finished him off.
  • As usual, had some goofy U-S-A! chants going on despite the Habs having some 5-6 Americans on their roster compared to the Bruins 2 or 3. Also, we didn't hear any hosers booing the National Anthems or showing any disrespect, so as usual, it's the few that ruin it for everyone, yet still causing all radio hosts & callers to start breathing fire over a coupla drunken hosers in skinny jeans acting all retarded.
  • Krejci: STOP FIGHTING. Leave that to the guys who, well, can. He's 160lbs and can't throw a punch, but takes on Benoit Pouliot and gets KO'd on one punch. We can't lose another center, so I hope Cload set him straight. OR, learn how to punch/defend yourself the next time you want to drop 'em.
  • Krejci/Lootch/Horton were each +5 last night. Insane.
  • NESN correctly pointed out that Chara made a bee-line right for Pacioretty to smash his face in because of the way the last game ended at the Bell Centre. Also, during the 3rd? line brawl, Recchi was screaming at the linesmen/refs to let the fights happen, "let 'em go!!" while Recchi had Plekanec (or some other hapless Hab) wrapped up.
  • So the line brawl finishes, the refs are sorting out the mess and what does the FleetGarden play? not something to incite fear, but rather, "Bang the Drum All Day" by Todd Rundgren. And so the mood changes in the place from one of fear to one of celebration.
  • Ray Allen just set the NBA all-time record for career 3-pointers. Now I can stop watching this game. I've already seen about 400 travelling non-calls. Celtics/Lakers on a Thursday night is odd - should be on sunday afternoon on CBS with Dick Stockton & Hubie Brown. It is notable that Marv Albert is aging his toupee accordingly.* BEAT LA BEAT LA. Remember it was the Celtics' Chris Ford in 1981 who shot the first 3-pointer in NBA history. Ray Allen, he got game.

*I think some comedian (Denis Leary? Bill Hicks?) mentioned something about this once...

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