Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where is our puck-moving d-man?

Random junk, let the irrationality and misinformation begin:
  • Roster from the other night indicated that Blake Wheeler likes Steely Dan. It corresponds with his laid back ways. The Dan is cool, but Wheels is not. I hope he's packaged up with a pick and sent away for our future d-man.
  • Chris Kelly on his way from Ottawa. A dude from the Chiarelli days, it seems as though he's a PJ Axelsson-type with better finishing skillz. Good on PK, responsible defensively, great locker room presence, etc.
  • Speaking of skillz, dontcha hate Hal Gill? Man, he sucks.
  • Mark Stuart has worked his way back into the lineup after Boychuk started sucking and found his way to the press box. Stuey hasn't beaten anyone up yet, but here thinks he's suppressing some serious rage, being supplanted by Kampfer, so I think whoever is going to pay, is going to pay big and they will be bloodied.
  • No "Kesssss-elllll" chants from the crowd the other night, so Kessel used this as a reason to actually play a somewhat decent game, scoring 2 goals to help beat the B's, 4-3. He was booed every time he touched the puck, but it didn't cause unforced errors like previous times. Chara checked Grabovski into the boards and it didn't appear to be a bad hit, but the dude fell to the ice, then tried to get up and fell again. I didn't think his head was involved but he appeared to be woozy. Didn't affect him skating thru the porous scoring the winning goal with a minute left, though.
  • It appears that Horton has settled into a deep coma.
  • Having Recchi on the point during the power play feels weird, but at this point, I think Cload is trying anything for PP goals, I can't blame him for trying something, anything, to get results.
  • Where is our puck-moving defenseman? I mean, really, we have this conversation every year, and every year they do nothing. Lame.

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