Monday, November 9, 2009

Fantasy Hockey Update

The first 5 weeks are in the books for the inaugural season of Section 311 Fantasy Hockey. The league has 13 members who are Bruins season ticket holders and 1 who is in Texas (I wonder who that is?). Of the 13 STH's, only one of these is outside of Section 311. He's in 309 so that's close enough. There are 12 scoring categories in which you compete against a different opponent every week. Here is an update on how your favorite blog contributors are doing:

Minnesota - 37-20-3 (1st place - Byron Division)
Morale Officer - 32-25-3 (3rd place - Bitz Division)
Row 12 - 30-25-5 (3rd place - Byron Division)
The Mayor - 21-32-7 (5th place - Bitz Division)

Row 12 benefited from his opponent being in Ireland and missing the lineup deadline on Monday and scored an 11-1 thrashing of the Bruise Brothers. The Mayor actually improved his record last week with a sound 7-3-2 defeat of The Panama Red's. Yours truly scored an 8-3-1 win over one of the newest members of Section 311, the owner of The Baby Squirrels. Finally, the Morale Officer also won the week with an 8-4 defeat of The Bitzy Cats. Bitzy's sweet moves in front of the net on Saturday night were not enough to muster more than 4 points out of the matchup.

So, it was a good week for all four of the bloggers, but our mayor has a lot of catching up to do.

Looking ahead, it's a big week for the Morale Officer as he takes on the man he is chasing for first in the Bitz Division. The Mayor gets a crack at the lowly Baby Squirrels who I just finished dispatching, while Row 12 takes on his former roommate. I am up against Z's B's who currently sit just 4 games behind me in 2nd place in the Byron Division.

Currently in last place overall sits the guy who is notorious for not showing up to games until sometime in the 2nd period (including this past Thursday against the Habs). It's fitting that he is in dead last with a miserable 13-44-3 record on the season.

In the coming weeks, I'll keep you apprised of the blogger's progress and start criticizing/applauding managerial moves made in the league.

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