Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, it's pretty bad that the B's gave up ANOTHER goal in the waning seconds with their opponent's goalie pulled. Luckily, Rask was up to the task in the OT session, allowing the B's to challenge the Thrash to a shootout. Peverley shot high, Kozlov got stuffed (24 for 42 in shootouts; that's crazy), and Kovalchuk got stoned. On the Bruins' side, Wheels choked and Bergeron tapped into his inner Datsyuk, faking out the Thrash goalie pretty bad and depositing the puck into an empty net.
The rest of the game was pretty exciting stuff, especially compared to Monday night's game. The Thrash were running around pretty good, and spent what seemed like the entire 3rd period on the power play. LOOCH IS BACK. The team seemed to have extra jump with Looch back on their side. Sturm had 1 goal tonight, but could have had a hat trick in the 1st period alone. Ryder had 2 goals, the 2nd one of which was a nasty snap shot that was typical of Ryder. Maybe this is the turning point? Seems like every time they win, I ask myself..."is this it, is this the turning point where they go 11-0-1 and take control of the NHL?" And they lose the next game.
random crap:
  • There's rumors out there that Savard is, or will be, re-signed for 7 years, for about $30-35 million total, with buyout options in the last 2 years.
  • Nobody at the Atlanta game tonight. There were the dreaded thundersticks in the crowd.
  • Gotta say - how cheezy can the song selections be at the Fleet Center these days? I mean, does "Rock 'n Roll All Nite" strike fear into the heart of your opponent? And do we really need to hear "Welcome to the Jungle" or "Crazy Train"? Their constant play at sporting events ruins some otherwise good songs. B's get it right occasionally - playing "Seek & Destroy" whenever Looch or Thornton fight, or "Black Betty", or even "Nut Rocker" during warmups. Could do without the Linkin Park ("New Divide"), though.
  • Game tomorrow night in Buffalo.
  • Confederate Flag Hockey: Atlanta's just full of castoffs, huh? Christophe Schubert, sent packin' by Ottawa; Marty Reasoner, hated in Edmonton & Boston; Nik Antropov, a player too lazy for even the Maple Leafs; Maxim Afinogenov, hated in Buffalo; Peverley, a Predator castoff; and Jim Slater just sucks.
  • Maple Leaf Suck Watch: The Canes beat the Leafs tonight, 6-5, in a shootout. They are back in last place.

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