Friday, November 6, 2009

What the hell is going on?

Well...First the highlights.

-Bruins score. Anyone else think we should just pull the goalie more? It seems to generate our only offense.
-Tukka has signed for 2 more years.

And the rest-

-As soon as that non-goal went in, you could see the goal was lifted off the moorings. Heartbreaker.

-I hate the shootout. Still.

- Honestly. Why the hell was Recchi shooting 3rd in the SO? I LOVE Recchi. It just didn't make any sense. Are we that banged up? Clearly the breakaway isn't Recchi's best move. Now if it was a screen/tip in contest, I'd take him any day of the week. I guess we didn't have anyone else. Chara for a bomb? As soon as I heard Recchi's name, I knew it wasn't going to end well.

- Seriously, what the hell is going on w/ Bergeron's Fu-man-chu?

-Also, after the non-goal, Patrice looked at Julien, and said the goal was lifted up.

-I got an interesting text during the game saying, "they are worse than they were 2 years ago." The truth in that statement is 2 years ago we didn't expect the B's to score. It was all defense. Now? They just can't score.

-Great point by another of our infamous blog contributors. Savvy is licking his chops at this lack of offense. How much is that going to boost his contract? We need him BAD.

-I should have bet my life on the under in that game last night.

Well, Saturday night vs. Buffalo.


  1. I too still hate the shootout. Ugh. Clode said that Recchi was a hunch. Hey, leave that hunch back in Notre Dame and get Marco out there first. We in 309 were also hoping for a Chara bomb.

    I refuse to panic when 66% of last year's top line is hurt and the other 33% is going to get us the number one pick. I just can't see Chia making a panic move for a sniper now. Please don't trade that Toronto pick. Sure it is frustrating (especially when you are there for every home game) but circumstances are circumstances.

    I haven't celebrated a non-goal that much since Tim Taylor ruined Axe's coulda-been-greatest-playoff-moment.

  2. Agreed. Great points. If you can't hit the panic button after every loss, what's the point of being a fan? Kidding. (sort of). Once everyone gets healthy, things should look up. It's just frustrating as hell right now.
    Agreed about the TO pick. That would be so counter productive, it wouldn't even be funny.