Tuesday, December 15, 2009

B's drop 2nd straight

Maybe it's now a good thing that the B's will meet the Flyers on New Year's for the Classic. Remember how we all bitched and moaned...the Flyers? Really? What happened to the Canadiens? Even the Rangers maybe? Well now the boys in black and gold may have something to play for. The Flyers are now 5-0-1 in their last 6 at the TD "Garden". Perhaps a home change of venue will make a difference? Stay tuned I guess.

A stalemate first period, though the B's looked pretty decent. Timmy did appear shaky for a bit, but did put in a pretty nice effort. Maybe he's hurt more than we think? Maybe Tuuka's play is getting into his head? I don't know, I'm not going to pretend to know. The only thing I know is that this is NOT the Vezina Thomas we all know and love.

The Sobotka "Non-Goal" sent me through the roof. I knew a loss was coming after that. B's shot out to a one goal lead shortly after, but still that feeling of "we are getting screwed in this game" set in right after the no goal call.

Kimmo Timonen, really? Really? I didn't know he was still alive. That third period was dreadful. Just awful, and Wideman wasn't even on the ice. Can you imagine that he had any effect on the outcome at all? Think what would happen without Chara. When Jack said Wideman wouldn't be coming out at all for the third, I said "Ok, we've got a shot at this one!" Boy was I wrong, again. I really hope that Claude beaned Wideman off the head with a stool or something during the intermission.

What a (^%#$(@*& terrible game. Random crap:

  • Carolina releases Aaron Ward. He's now available at half price. Will Chiarelli roll the dice Mr. Mayor? Wardo is the proud owner of the 4th worst +/-'s in the league at -15, probably because he was on the worst team in the NHL but he is also 36 years old.
  • Toucher and Rich this morning were very excited at the prospect of Wardo's return, so they can add him back on Ward Wednesdays which has now become White Guy Wednesdays with Brian Scalabrine (or however you spell it). I'd be excited too.
  • Scutaro, Lackey and Cameron? They're already ruining my summer!

As always, Let's Go The Bruins...

And Bah-Humbug

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  1. What really grinded my gears during the game was the lack of push-back by the B's with respect to Philly's physicality.
    Carcillo, Hartnell, et al. were takin' liberties, and the B's would not respond.

    Pushed around in our own barn. HORRIBLE.