Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good News and Bad News

There was good news and bad news today regarding the two Minnesotans on the Bruins roster. First, the bad news: as the morale officer said, I am inconsolable after the loss of "Caveman" Mark Stuart for 4-6 weeks. The last time this guy wasn't in the lineup, Dave Lewis was the coach of the Bruins. This injury will also prevent him from bowling with his fellow cavemen which I know he really enjoys.

The good news is Blake Wheeler is no longer on the first line. It's about time. You're thinking, "Why doesn't he like Wheeler? Young player from his home state. Good potential and good size for the NHL." No, as I said to the morale officer a few weeks back, I think Blake Wheeler will have the career trajectory of Landon Wilson (another 1st round draft pick who was drafted highly because of his size). Here's to hoping the Bruins do not extend him and move on after this season. Blake Wheeler was also a member of the Golden Gophers (the rodents); hated rivals of my UMD Bulldogs. In another Blake Wheeler development, a new Section 311 STH in Row 10 has surfaced as charter member of the "Wheeler's Worthless Club." This guy, who sits right in front of us, screams at Wheeler every time he touches the puck. This has no effect on Wheeler from Section 311, Row 10, but this guy continues to do it and his hatred for Wheels must far exceed mine. It is also a good conversation starter as, much like last year in the playoffs when I was voicing my displeasure with Wheels before he was finally benched, people turn around and say, "What's wrong with Wheeler?" Claude knows and I think Peter does too. He already extended Lucic and Rask and I hope Stuart isn't far behind, but let Wheels go. The Wheeler-hater in Row 10 loses points though, as he and his girlfriend/wife leave early nearly every night.

Getting back to hockey, Claude is putting Ryder and Sturm up with Savvy. This is a much needed change. Savvy was being wasted on a line with Wheels and Bitz. As much as I love Bitz, and all of Section 311 loves Bitz, he is not a first-line player. This really showed on Monday - he had been holding his own, but Byron would probably tell you himself, that he didn't show up on Monday and forced Claude to make the change. I still love you Bitzy - this doesn't change that.

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