Friday, June 18, 2010

Savvy to Columbus Rumor

Can anybody honestly tell me that Savard would waive his no-trade clause to move to Columbus Effing Ohio?

These are just silly rumors created by people who are bored now that the playoffs are over and they have to wait for the draft to start.

You can have Wheeler though Columbus.


  1. I really really really hope this doesnt happen.

  2. The media and bloggers are really just latching on to any 'fantasy' trade scenarios that any chowderhead can conjure up at his dark basement PC desk. It's just bad journalism all around. The Brodeur thing was just as ludicrous. Unfortunately it won't quit until the offseason has come to a close. The Panthers rumor seems to have some traction though. Here's hoping against hope that that Wheeler clone Horton isn't a major disappointment if he comes here. Here's also hoping we land that additional Top 5 pick in this "blockbuster" scenario.

  3. I'm thinking the Savard to Columbus rumor may be to Florida.