Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Whaler Fans are Sad

She cries because:
a) Her favorite team, The Whale, is leaving town
b) Zarley Zalapski was just traded to Calgary
c) She's a Whaler fan - a disease for which there is no cure

(photo swiped from boston dot com, photo taken by Steve Miller - Midnight Toker)

Today's Globe featured a story about the former owner of the Hartford Whalers and his futile attempts to make Hartford, CT relevant again. It's no secret that Connecticut places 6th in importance when ranking the New England states. From their shitty driving to their on-again, off-again Red Sox/Yankee fence-sitting fandom (depends on who is winning), from their law against radar detectors to their incubation/cultivation of Lyme Disease, folks in Connecticut have to fight for respect from all other New Englanders.
Note how, in the article, it states that the Hartford Wolfpack place 18th in AHL attendance, yet somehow this guy believes there are enough basement dwellers in the Hartford metro area there to justify the presence of an NHL hockey team.

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