Friday, May 28, 2010

2 Winter Classics Next Year is reporting that there will be 2 Winter Classics next year: Calgary vs. the Habs in Calgary (McMahon Field), and Pens vs. Caps in Pittsburgh (Heinz Field).

Quick, non-expert analysis: Okay, WTF. Sure, it's cool that Western Canada gets a classic, but why have the Habs play the Flames? Shouldn't it be one of those "Battle of Alberta" deals where the Flames play the Oilers? I'd certainly rather see that game and then the ensuing fighting in the streets. Then only reason to watch the Habs is if they're in front of a firing squad or something. Also, why not a game in Eastern Canada, Toronto vs. Ottawa or something? We know Montreal isn't capable of handling the crowd (see: riots), rather, their fans aren't capable of handling dump the game in/near Toronto where people bleed for the game, etc. Give them what they want, Bettman, and stop shitting on your core market. Pens vs. Caps, well that's a no-brainer. Bettman's continued tongue-bathing of Cindy Crosby continues in plain view, without shame. Cut the crap with the Confederate Flag hockey, put teams in Winnipeg and Quebec City again.

Oz has spoken.

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