Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Satan de Mayo

B's slap the Flyers away tonight, 4-1. It wasn't that much of a blowout, though. 3 goals were scored right away, as Asham got the game started for the Flyers. But the B's responded quickly with 2 goals from Wheels (tip-in) & Satan (breakaway after Krejci got smoked at the blue line by Richards). And then the B's just clung for dear life for most of the 2nd period. Recchin Ball put in a rebound (off Pronger's glove) on the power play to make it 3-1 with about 17 minutes left in the game, and the B's just held on until Bergeron iced it with an empty-netter.
random crap
  • Unruly savages, those Flyers fans - they bolted for the exits with about 4 minutes left. Orange Crush, my ass.
  • Still not much jam from Carcillo and company. No fights, no line brawls, not much nastiness tonight. KPD figured that tonight would be the nastiest of games. It's weird - by not playing Philly's game and instead just sticking to playing defense and such, sticking with the game plan and not letting the antics of Philly get too far under their skin, they're able to stay focused and just win the games. I dunno. Asham is still a complete dirtbag and I'd like for someone to douse him with gas and light him on fire.
  • That's, what, 4 game-winning goals for Satan now?
  • B's owned the Flyers on the faceoffs again (31 vs. 22), with Bergeron leading the way (12 for 18)
  • A pretty much clean hit on Krejci by Mike Richards - Krejci probably has a separated shoulder or something. McQuaid is also hurt, though we seemed to play better rolling 5 defensemen instead of 6. It's rumored that Stuart might be available for Game 4.
  • Flyers defensman Lukas Krajicek, every time they said his name ("KRY-check"), I was reminded of X-Files.
  • The Bruins' PK continues to be pretty good tonight - I think they're 13 for 15 on the kill for the series?
  • Seriously, 10 years ago, didja ever think you'd be rooting for Mark Recchi?
  • Let's close it out, boys. Don't let these guys think they have a chance - just put them down and move onto the next round.

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