Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dude, Where's My Team?

Okay, a little late, but anyway. Our hockey team has decided to take a little sabbatical from playing the brand of hockey that got them there. Being in the stands and watching that 4-0 shutout was like watching the dumb team from January that didn't skate, just hung out and maybe played some hockey for about 20 minutes.
For sure, it was thrilling to see how, in game 5, they rallied back from being down 2 goals, and even with Recchi roofing that close-in shot with 30 seconds left and the goalie pulled - I thought, wow, this is almost when Mark Bellhorn tucked the ball back in, just in time, before he "fumbled" in the Snow Bowl. Or when Larry Bird struck out 20 Seattle Mariners on that cold April night in 1986.
But no. The B's go back to Philly tonight and try their best to not lose.
random crap
  • Surely, you've heard about the family in Quebec, dying in a landslide while watching Habs/Pens by now
  • The officiating was pretty bad the other night. Philly I guess has turned a new leaf and only was shorthanded 2 times. Because, ya see, Philly plays a really clean game, always has. Boston was shorthanded 9 times, some of the calls were pretty weak. No doubt Bettman has received some advice from David Stern about how to extend series so the revenues go up.
  • Where's Peter Douris when you need him?
  • Derek Sanderson used to say during the games, "the puck bounces for those who hustle". So when the puck sits near the crease like in game 5 (twice), or a bounce or two doesn't go their way...
  • NESN's Jade McCarthy hails from Newton, MA but spent lots of time in Philly as some sort of sports anchor. Perhaps a Boston sports purity test is in order??? One has to question her loyalty...
  • Ya know, it blows my mind. The last time Jesus Orr was in town, it was for the 40th anniversary of the '70 Cup team...the infamous Matt Cooke game. Then he comes in town for the dedication of his statue, and the B's drop another turd. There's something wrong with the fact that the guy who pretty much invented the sport comes to town and you can't even get pumped for that. HORRIBLE.
  • Lou Lamoriello looks like Wee-Man from Jackass.

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