Sunday, May 2, 2010

B's Win in OT, 5-4

Okay, so the Flyers showed up today with quite a bit of rust caked onto them. The first period was all Boston. Goals by Begin and Bergeron. I asked Minnesota, "Hey, are we doing that good, or are they doing that bad?". We both agreed that Laviolette would have them coming out like crazy in the 2nd period, which is pretty much what happened. Philly goals by Bernie, er, Ryan Parent and Chris Pronger. Boston kept pace somewhat with a Satan goal. This Satan pickup is looking more genius with each passing playoff game. Anyhow, onto the 3rd period and Krejci scores one of his bullet-time goals, reminding us that the Matrix is alive and well. He slowed time down for himself while faking Boucher out about 9 times before shooting into an empty net. 4-2, Bruins and we all thought it was a wrap. Nope, Philly came back like a case of herpes with 2 goals from Mike Richards and Daniel Briere. Onto OT. Philly really had the momentum going into OT. BUT, the OT session started with the B's in pure assault mode, but Boucher held strong...until a loose, bouncing puck came onto Savvy's stick after Wideman pinched in, and he wound up (backscratcha!) and unloaded a BOMB over Boucher's shoulder. We saw the net move, the puck bounce out, and Savvy skate towards the glass. In one of the more amusing goal celebrations, he tossed his stick into the stands, jumped up on the glass, Ovie-style, and was mobbed by his teammates. Pretty freakin' sweet.
random crap
  • Seriously, the dirtbaggage on the Flyers is plentiful. Asham, Betts, Hartnell, Pronger, Richards, Carcillo - they are all hated by their own mothers, even.
  • Daniel Briere. I gotta say, he displayed a stick-to-it-iveness with his goal, splitting Wides & Hunwick. "Not Hunwick's best moment", noted Minnesota. Briere's what you get if you chop Bergeron's nuts off.
  • Recchi vs. Pronger. Here's a great sub-plot to the whole series that I can't wait to develop. About 300 playoff games combined between the two veterans. The wee Recchi tried to cross-check the towering Pronger. Pronger was all, "what was that?" and Recchi got the extra 2. RECCHIN BALL. They are going to battling in front of the Flyer crease this whole series, this is going to be fun to watch.
  • Crowd taunted Boucher with chants of "BOOO-SHAAAAY". I'd rather we chant "PROOONG-ERRRR", but I'll take it.
  • Lots of whining by the callers on the post-game show about the fandom in the Loge texting during the game. Seriously, don't worry about the Loge/Club Seats and what they're doing/not doing. Just watch the game.
  • Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.
  • Gotta find one of them "Hail Satan" t-shirts worn by a guy in the Loge, featured a yellow pentagram instead of a spoked-B.
  • Wideman had 3 assists.

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  1. the "hail satan" tshirts are on ... its right on the front page.