Friday, May 21, 2010


  • Tonight in Memorial Cup action, the Calgary Hitmen play the Brandon Wheat Kings, 8pm EDT, probably on NHL Network. The Wheat Kings' coaching staff features one of the better names of recent hockey lore, Dwayne Gylywoychuk. Haven't seen that many y's since Nancy Kerrigan got her knee clubbed.
  • Leighton returned to suckass form last night as the Habs pasted the Flyers, 5-1. No riots. Yet.
  • My fantasy hockey woes are somewhat documented on this blog - I actually have Simon Gagne on my team and have kept him the past few years despite his injuries. Of course, he's barely produced yet capable of easily scoring 40 goals/year, so I was going to leave him off the keeper roster, but guess what - he's been flat-out retarded during these playoffs, tempting me to keep him for another year. The last player I had who ended the previous season on a great note, but I didn't keep for 2009-2010? Steven Stamkos. My lack of hockey knowledge is further exposed...
  • If you wish to read about/bask in the single-digit IQs of Philly fans, check out the ongoing saga of Pat Hickey's (Montreal Gazette) vandalized car/license plate theft.
  • Russia eliminated Canada in the 2010 IIHF World Hockey Championship last night, winning 5-2. You know, the tournament that Cindy Crosby wussed out of? Apparently, the IIHF bitched out Crosby, Canada filed complaint, IIHF apologized. Like sands through the hourglass...
  • No doubt Boston sportswriters and Bruins fans are a little put off by the sort-of nonchalant comments and manner shown by Chiarelli/Julien during the post-season wrap up. I dunno, maybe they just wanted to downplay the fact that they're major parts in one of sports history's MASSIVE, EPIC CHOKES...maybe help the players not think about it during the off-season, you know, that they participated in one of the MASSIVE, EPIC CHOKES IN SPORTS HISTORY. Then again, I'm willing to bet that Savard's been golfing out at Granite Links every day since Sunday without one thought of his line change gaffe.
  • Too bad no one has capitalized on the "Chia Pet" of Peter Chiarelli. The dude's follicle-ly challenged, so it wouldn't be much of a plant - just a van dyke beard and growth at the temples. But you'd be able to swap out the spectacles worn by your Chia Pet every 2 months, just like Chiarelli.
  • Contributor Minnesota is slowly coming out of his bear cave, he's still in solitary confinement. He's apparently eating solid foods again, so hopefully we'll have a post from him in the next few days.
  • The Mayor is back in town, message this morning, "Went to Dunks, got a Herald. Life is good."

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